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The 25 Most Reputable Cities In The World 2014


Austria’s capital Vienna was recently announced as the world’s most reputable city by the New York-based Reputation Institute, while Munich and Montreal was new to the elite class of top 10 global cities.

Sydney, the 3rd ranked city on the list, had a score of 75.5 points, Florence, 4th on the list, had 75.3 points, while Venice, 5th on the list, had 75.2 points.

The institute came up with its data by interviewing over 19,000 people in G8 countries, in cities that had strong GDP, heavy tourism, and large populations, the study measures the reputation of 100 cities around the world.

A) City Selection:
– Largest populations
– Largest gross domestic products or GDP
– Cities which enjoy the highest amount of tourism

Check out the world’s 25 most reputable cities:

1) Vienna, Austria
Score: 76.4 points

2) Munich, Germany
Score: 76.2 points

3) Sydney, Australia
Score: 75.5 points

4) Florence, Italy
Score: 75.3 points

5) Venice, Italy
Score: 75.2 points

6) Oslo, Norway
Score: 74.9 points

7) Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Score: 74.8 points

8) London, England
Score: 74.6

9) Barcelona, Spain
Score: 73.7 points

10) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Score: 73.1 points

11) Copenhagen, Denmark
Score: 72.8 points

12) Helsinki, Finland
Score: 72.7 points

13) Brussels, Belgium
Score: 72.6 points

14) Amsterdam, Netherlands
Score: 72.4 points

15) Paris, France
Score: 72.2 points

16) Perth, Australia
Score: 72.2 points

17) Brisbane, Australia
Score: 72 points

18) Geneva, Switzerland
Score: 72 points

19) Edinburgh, Scotland
Score: 71.9 points

20) Zurich, Switzerland
Score: 71.9 points

21) Melbourne, Australia
Score: 71.8 points

22) Stockholm, Sweden
Score: 71.8 points

23. Rome, Italy
Score: 71.5 points

24. Frankfurt
Score: 71.4 points

25. New York
Score: 71.2 points

Check out the world’s 100 most reputable cities:

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