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Top 25 U.S. States With Most Generous Spenders In 2014

Richard Tiffany Gere

A recent study of all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia by WalletHub revealed that the state blowing the most cash in 2014 is Mississippi, while Idaho and New Mexico finished No. 2 and No. 3, respectively.

Apparently, the most frugal people live in Washington, New York, Massachusetts, and California.

Top Five States with Frugal Spenders In The United States

51. District of Columbia

50. New York

49. Massachusetts

48. California

47. Maryland

“Mississippi ranked highest due to a combination of spending more per capita than most other states on food, gas and health care, as well as ranking fifth in auto and credit card debt and third in percentage of population spending more than they make,” said Raz Daraban, a spokesperson for WalletHub.

Richard Tiffany Gere

The 2014 rankings are based on factors such as:

– How many in each state spend more than they make
– The average home size
– The average number of cars per household
– The average amount owed in card and automobile debt
– How much they have in their savings accounts.
– The average amount people spend on personal expenses: Food & Beverage (Non-Restaurant and Non-Bar Consumption), Gasoline & Other Energy-related Goods, Housing and Utilities, Health Care, and all Others.

Top 50 U.S. States  And The District Cf Columbia With Most Generous Spenders In 2014

Spending Rank


Spending Rank


1 Mississippi 27 Virginia
2 Idaho 28 Ohio
3 New Mexico 29 Wisconsin
4 Alabama 30 Wyoming
5 Utah 31 Nevada
6 Missouri 32 Maine
7 Indiana 33 Colorado
8 Tennessee 34 Florida
9 Montana 35 Washington
10 Georgia 36 Vermont
11 South Carolina 37 Oregon
12 Kentucky 38 Minnesota
13 North Carolina 39 Illinois
14 Arkansas 40 Pennsylvania
15 Michigan 41 New Hampshire
16 Arizona 42 Alaska
17 Oklahoma 43 Rhode Island
18 Delaware 44 Hawaii
19 Kansas 45 New Jersey
20 Iowa 46 Connecticut
21 Louisiana 47 Maryland
22 Texas 48 California
23 South Dakota 49 Massachusetts
24 Nebraska 50 New York
25 North Dakota 51 District of Columbia
26 West Virginia
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