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What’s The Best U.S. Retail Companies To Work For 2014: Top 20 Retail Workplace List?

If you’re after a retail job, Fortune Magazine named CustomInk at the top of their list of the top 20 U.S. retail company that offer employees the best benefits.

For employees, the “best” retail job would be the one with the best flexible scheduling, organization value and culture, advancement potential, and the best health insurance programs.

Happy and healthy employees mean happy customers, and increased sales.

In the No. 1 spot this year is the T-shirt printing company, CustomInk with over six locations has more than 1,100 employees and $171 million in annual revenue, each CustomInk office has game rooms and fitness rooms equipped with treadmills, an elliptical trainer, fitness balls, yoga mats and weights, Fortune notes.

In the No. 2 spot is Build-a-Bear Workshop, trailing close behind is the convenience store and gas station chain, QuickTrip (No. 3).  Other places you might consider if you’re looking for a retail job right now: Nugget Market (No. 4), Wegmans Food Markets (No. 5), The Container Store (No. 6) and CarMax (No. 7) are well-liked among employees.

top 10 best workplaces  in retail
Large retail companies:

1. CustomInk
Headquarters: Fairfax, V.A.
Revenue: $171 million
Employees: 1,113
Number of locations: 6

2. Build-a-Bear Workshop
Best Companies rank: 63
Headquarters: St. Louis
Revenue: $379 million
Employees: 4,264
Number of locations: 242

3. QuickTrip
Best Companies rank: 48
Headquarters: Tulsa
Revenue: $12.5 billion
Employees: 16,864
Number of locations: 724

4. Nugget Market
Best Companies rank: 36
Headquarters: Woodland, Calif.
Revenue: $275 million
Employees: 1,213
Number of locations: 14

5. Wegmans Food Markets
Best Companies rank: 12
Headquarters: Rochester, N.Y.
Revenue: $7 billion
Employees: 43,611
Number of locations: 85

6. The Container Store
Best Companies rank: 28
Headquarters: Coppell, T.X.
Revenue: 748 million
Employees: 6,000
Number of locations: 68

7. CarMax
Best Companies rank: 54
Headquarters: Richmond, V.A.
Revenue: $12.6 billion
Employees: 20,000
Number of locations: 141

8. JM Family Enterprises
Best Companies rank: 37
Headquarters: Deerfield Beach, Fla.
Revenue: $12.5 billion
Employees: 3,771
Number of locations: 27

9. L.L. Bean
Headquarters: Freeport, M.E.
Revenue: $1.6 billion
Employees: 4,966
Number of locations: 50

10. Publix Super Markets
Best Companies rank: 75
Headquarters: Lakeland, Fla.
Revenue: $29 billion
Employees: 167,367
Number of locations: 1,097

11. Sheetz
Best Companies rank: 87
Headquarters: Altoona, P.A.
Revenue: $6.9 billion
Employees: 16,000
Number of locations: 485

Best Companies rank: 38
Headquarters: Las Vegas
Revenue: $2.6 billion
Employees: more than 1,440
Number of locations: 4

13. Recreational Equipment Inc.
Best Companies rank: 69
Headquarters: Kent, W.A.
Revenue: $2 billion
Employees: 10,440
Number of locations: 138

14. Whole Foods Market
Best Companies rank: 44
Headquarters: Austin
Revenue: $12.9 billion
Employees: 76,726
Number of locations: 422

15. DSW
Headquarters: Columbus, O.H.
Revenue: $2.4 billion
Employees: 10,132
Number of locations: 432

Small and Medium  U.S. retail companies:

16. Pro Athlete
Headquarters: Kansas City
Employees: 72
Number of locations: 1

17. Room & Board
Headquarters: Golden Valley, Minn.
Revenue: $340 million
Employees: 811
Number of locations: 24

18. Etsy
Best Medium-Size Companies rank: 19
Headquarters: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Employees: 484
Number of locations: 3

19. Goodmans Interior Structures
Headquarters: Phoenix
Revenue: $60 million
Employees: 145
Number of locations: 4

20. Zozi, lifestyle retailer, which sells gear and organizes trips and local experiences via the web
Headquarters: San Francisco
Employees: 44
Number of locations: 1

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