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These Are The Top 20 Best College Towns In The United States 2014 List

Syracuse, New York

Syracuse, New York was ranked No. 1 in Travel + Leisure’s lineup of America’s Best College Towns, this city in upstate New York ranked first for a number of reasons. Syracuse University lives here, as did Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, and also home to the 75-member Syracuse Symphony Orchestra.

“Syracuse, NY made the grade, due to the overwhelming abundance of choices for such collegiate necessities as beer, good, cheap food, and strong coffee” the Lafayette entry says.

Lafayette, LA, was a close runner-up, with high marks for its live music, cocktail bars, and singles scene. Charlottesville, Virginia, where the prestigious University of Virginia is located ranked 3rd.

While each of these college towns are unique and has its charm, history, and traditions, what they all have in common is an abundance of things for you to do.

Here are 20 great college towns across the country:

No. 1 Syracuse, New York

No. 2 Lafayette, LA

No. 3 Charlottesville, VA

No. 4 Fort Collins, CO

No. 5 Duluth, MN

No. 6 Saratoga Springs, NY

No. 7 Asheville, NC

No. 8 Flagstaff, AZ

No. 9 San Luis Obispo, CA

No. 10 Boulder, CO

No. 11 Santa Cruz, CA

No. 12 St. Augustine, FL

No. 13 Burlington, VT

No. 14 Annapolis, MD

No. 15 Ann Arbor, MI

No. 16 Williamsburg, VA

No. 17 Bozeman, MT

No. 18 Boone, NC

No. 19 Athens, GA – the city is built around the University of Georgia,

No. 20 Oxford, MS

Don’t see your favorite college town on our list?

Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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