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The 20 Best Cities For Coffee Lovers In The U.S.

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So it’s not surprising that, Portland, took the No. 1 spot on Travel + Leisure’s Best Coffee Cities in the U.S. list, followed by Seattle, the city that gave the world Starbucks at No. 2, and Providence, RI at No. 3.

15th century Arabs were the first to cultivate coffee in the Sufi shrines of Yemen and the espresso, not eXpresso, machine was first invented in 1822 by a French man named Louis Bernard Rabaut. Today’s modern espresso machine was invented by Achilles Gaggia in 1946.

Here are the top 20 caffeine-happy cities. Did yours make the list?

No. 1 Portland, OR

No. 2 Seattle

No. 3 Providence, RI

No. 4 Albuquerque

No. 5 Houston

No. 6 New Orleans

No. 7 Kansas City, MO

No. 8 Portland, ME

No. 9 Louisville, KY

No. 10 Minneapolis/St. Paul

No. 11 Los Angeles

No. 12 San Francisco

No. 13 Nashville

No. 14 New York City

No. 15 Atlanta

No. 16 Cleveland

No. 17 San Diego

No. 18 Chicago

No. 19 Honolulu

No. 20 Austin, TX

Have you got a favorite coffee city? Top coffee shop? Share your coffee love in the comments below.

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