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Top 25 Best Cities For Hotels In The World: 2014 Winners List

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa was recently named world’s best destination for hotels, according to a study published on the booking website Agoda, which looks at destinations with the highest-rated hotels in the world based on nearly 7 million customer reviews.

Two of the most popular Greek islands, Santorini and Crete, have been voted on the list. Santorini, very popular with international tourists, ended up at number 7, while Crete Island, has landed in the Top-25, at number 12.

Is your favorite on the list?

Overall,  Cape Town, South Africa took the number one spot with the highest-rated hotels of any destination, scoring an average of 8.43 out of a possible 10. Maldives ranked second with an 8.33 average hotel review score, while Zermatt in Switzerland was third at 8.29.

And some of the most-visited cities in the world, including Paris, New York and London, don’t even feature in the top 25.  Top 25 Best Cities For Hotels In The World: 2014 Winners List:

1. Cape Town, South Africa
Average Hotel Score: 8.43

2. Maldives Islands
Average Hotel Score: 8.33

3. Zermatt, Switzerland
Average Hotel Score: 8.29

4. Queenstown, New Zealand
Average Hotel Score: 8.28

5. Seychelles Islands
Average Hotel Score: 8.21

6. Budapest, Hungary
Average Hotel Score: 8.16

7. Santorini, Greece
Average Hotel Score: 8.14

8. Bruges, Belgium
Average Hotel Score: 8.12

9. Gdansk, Poland
Average Hotel Score: 8.10

10. Hoi An, Vietnam
Average Hotel Score: 8.10

11. Sofia, Bulgaria
Average Hotel Score: 8.09

12. Crete Island, Greece
Average Hotel Score: 8.07

13. Verona, Italy
Average Hotel Score: 8.07

14. Rotorua, New Zealand
Average Hotel Score: 8.06

15. Khao Lak, Thailand
Average Hotel Score: 8.03

16. Hualien, Taiwan
Average Hotel Score: 8.03

17. Sunshine Coast, Australia
Average Hotel Score: 8.02

18. Edinburgh, Scotland
Average Hotel Score:  8.01

19. Cuzco, Peru
Average Hotel Score:  8.00

20. Chicago, USA
Average Hotel Score: 8.00

21. Krakow, Poland
Average Hotel Score: 8.00

22. Nagano, Japan
Average Hotel Score: 7.99

23. Durban, South Africa
Average Hotel Score: 7.96

24. Granada, Spain
Average Hotel Score: 7.95

25. Marrakech, Morocco
Average Hotel Score: 7.95

Global Average : 7.57

Here are the top destinations by review category and their scores:

Value for Money: Budapest (Score: 8.5)

Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia (Score: 8.75)

Staff Performance: Cape Town (Score: 8.6)

Hotel Condition/Cleanliness: Zermatt, Switzerland (Score: 8.79)

Room Comfort/Standard: Cape Town (Score: 8.54)

Food/Dining: Bruges (Score: 7.87)

*This study looked at destinations with more than 100 hotels

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