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Top 25 Most Affordable Online College In The United States: 2015 Rankings

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Online online universities and colleges gives students unmatched flexibility, versatility, and accessibility in pursuing their education. Western Governors University (WGU) ranked No. 1 in the latest most affordable online college in the United States report rankings, followed by American Public University System, Southern New Hampshire University Online, Brigham Young University-Idaho, and Fort Hays State University Online.

Criteria for the most affordable U.S. online college rankings is based on extensive research and focuses on such factors as: accreditation, annual tuition costs, nonprofit status (Schools with non-Profit status were weighed more favorably), student loan repayment rate, student services, student reviews and university accomplishments.

List of the top 25 most affordable U.S. online college rankings for 2015:

#1 Western Governors University | Annual Tuition: $5,780

#2 American Public University System | Annual Tuition: $7,500

#3 Southern New Hampshire University Online | Annual Tuition: $9,600

#4 Brigham Young University-Idaho | Annual Tuition: $3,750

#5 Fort Hays State University Online | Annual Tuition: $5,782

#6 Thomas Edison State College | Annual Tuition: $8,647

#7 South Dakota State University | Annual Tuition: $9,387

#8 Chadron State College | Annual Tuition: $5,400

#9 Colorado State University-Global | Annual Tuition: $10,500

#10 Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration | Annual Tuition: $12,000

#11 Fitchburg State University | Annual Tuition: $8,790

#12 Broward College | Annual Tuition: $6,456

#13 Kennesaw State University | Annual Tuition: $8,666

#14 Northwestern State University of Louisiana | Annual Tuition: $6,508

#15 University of Central Missouri | Annual Tuition: $8,759

#16 Crown College | Annual Tuition: $11,970

#17 Columbia Southern University | Annual Tuition: $5,040

#18 Liberty University Online | Annual Tuition: $10,800

#19 Columbia College | Annual Tuition: $7,800

#20 Excelsior College | Annual Tuition: $13,950

#21 University of Massachusetts | Annual Tuition: $11,550

#22 University of North Dakota | Annual Tuition: $9,676

#23 University of Maryland University College | Annual Tuition: $14,970

#24 Weber State University | Annual Tuition: $7,350

#25 Utah State University | Annual Tuition: $8,700

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