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List Of World’s 10 Most (And Least) Liveable Cities For The Average Worker 2014


And while it might come as a surprise to some, When it comes to urban living, Swiss cities never fail to impress. Geneva and Zurich top the list of the world’s most liveable cities for the average worker.

Seven out of ten most liveable cities in the world are European and 8 of the 10 least liveable cities across the world are in Asia.

Geneva ranked as number one on the list, followed by Zurich, Singapore, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Auckland.

London falls into 22nd place, behind New York (17th), Hong Kong and Tokyo (18th) among others, according to the researchers.

At the very bottom of the table is Jakarta at number 64, but Moscow also fares badly at 62, Istanbul at 59, and Mumbai at 56.

Researchers behind “The 2014 Global Liveable Cities Index,” which looks at standard of living for the average worker across 64 cities in the world, balancing work and play, environmental awareness, localism, globalism and many other factors.

The list was compiled by scientists from the National University of Singapore, University of California and Curtin University in Australia. The index is published in the World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development.


The list was compiled by scientists from the National University of Singapore, University of California and Curtin University in Australia. Instead of compiling a list of economic powerhouses, they created a measure of ‘liveability’ in major cities balancing work and social life as well as culture and sustainability.

Factors taken into account include economic vibrancy and competitiveness, domestic security and stability, socio-cultural conditions, public governance, environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The top 10 most liveable cities in the world


1. Geneva

2. Zurich

3. Singapore

4. Copenhagen

5. Helsinki

6. Luxembourg

7. Stockholm

8. Berlin

9. Hong Kong

10. Auckland

Ten least liveable cities in the world

55. Bangalore

56. Mumbai

57. Delhi

58. Buenos Aires

59. Istanbul

60. Karachi

61. Phom Penh

62. Moscow

63. Manila

64. Jakarta



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