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The 25 Most Valuable Hollywood Actors and Actresses: Ranking 2014

Jennifer Lawrence

From Denzel Washington to Angelina Jolie – find out who the most valuable Hollywood actors and actresses in the Vulture list, and to see how Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, and Brad Pitt stack up.

Dubbed “The Girl on Fire” by the publication, Jennifer Lawrence  took the No. 1 spot, followed by Robert Downey Jr. in 2nd place and Leonardo DiCaprio in third place. Rounding out the top five are Sandra Bullock and Denzel Washington, filling the No. 4 and No. 5 spots.

The list, which combined numbers for the actors from overseas box office totals, domestic box office totals, studio value, likeability, Oscars, critics’ scores, Twitter mentions, and tabloid value, found the “The Hunger Games” star to be the most valuable actor in Hollywood today.

 Most Valuable Hollywood Actors and Actresses: Ranking 2014

RankNameDomestic Box OfficeOverseas Box OfficeOscar wonOscar nominated
1Jennifer Lawrence$148,263,056$155,767,66013
2Robert Downey Jr.$260,731,008$336,800,00002
3Leonardo DiCaprio$136,426,676$224,188,98405
4Sandra Bullock$160,168,016$59,574,41612
5Denzel Washington$87,667,660$74,851,38426
6Angelina Jolie$100,467,948$230,468,32512
7Tom Hanks$83,301,584$103,374,59225
8Johnny Depp$83,858,424$132,148,88403
9Brad Pitt$65,439,960$70,385,29014
10Bradley Cooper$102,219,656$100,535,34802
11Channing Tatum$80,014,840$62,200,00000
12Matt Damon$62,495,644$65,373,73613
13George Clooney$59,497,076$56,746,45428
14Hugh Jackman$114,537,924$205,150,00001
15Will Smith$119,771,472$314,047,90402
16Ben Affleck$37,017,956$50,794,41622
17Matthew McConaughey$27,298,284$17,000,00011
18Christian Bale$97,104,624$101,054,00012
19Tom Cruise$84,588,984$191,284,37603
20Amy Adams$88,631,240$35,415,07205
21Chris Hemsworth$155,332,384$241,260,44800
22Liam Neeson$64,251,540$67,100,00001
23Mark Wahlberg$93,617,008$36,300,00002
24Shailene Woodley$103,666,664$109,328,18400
25Vin Diesel$209,837,680$291,600,00000

* Domestic Box Office and Overseas Box Office are weighted medians, all data except Oscars taken from 2009-present.

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