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Discover The 100 Brands With The Most Loyal Customers For 2014

Brands that align strategy and culture outperform their competitors

Interesting, of the top-100 brands and product categories in a new ranking of customer loyalty leaders, forty-five percent (45%) are tech companies engaged in digital, mobile, and social networks.

The real question is, what are you doing to improve customer engagement which will, in turn, increase loyalty?

Loyal customers always come back to buy more, they are more willing to stay despite price increases and they become strong advocates for the brand in their own social circles and online.

Amazon, Apple, and YouTube ranked higher than Dunkin’ Donuts, Samsung, and Facebook among top 100 brands. The 2014 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index is based on a survey conducted by New York-based customer loyalty research firm Brand Keys, of 65 product categories and 721 brands.

The survey included more than 43,000 consumers ages 18 to 65 who were interviewed by phone (75% of the total) or in-person (20%), and the remaining 5% who were assessed online.

Here’s a list of the Top 100 Loyalty Leaders and the associated categories – Rankings 2014:
1. Amazon: tablets
2. Apple: tablets
3. Apple: smartphones
4. YouTube: social networking
5. What’s App: Instant messaging
6. Amazon: online retail
7. Google: search engines
8. Kindle: e-readers
9. Samsung: smartphones
10. Dunkin’ Donuts: coffee

11. Facebook: social networking
12. Netflix: video streaming
13. Beats by Dr. Dre: headphones
14. Call of Duty: Ghosts: major league gaming
15. iTunes: video streaming
16. Zappos: online retail
17. Apple: computers
18. Instagram: social networking
19. PayPal: online payments
20. Twitter: social networking

21. LinkedIn: social networking
22. Amazon: video streaming
23. Hyundai: automotive
14. iTunes: online music
25. Grey Goose: vodka
26. Ford: automotive
17. eBay: online retail
28. Grand Theft Auto: major league gaming
29. Ketel One: vodka
30. Sephora: cosmetics

31. Avis: car rental
32. Chipotle: fast‐casual restaurants
33. Lancôme: luxury cosmetics
34. HTC: smartphones
35. Bose: headphones
36. Samsung: computers
37. Viper: instant messaging
38. Hulu: video streaming
39. LG: smartphones
40. Toyota: automotive:

41. Estee Lauder: luxury cosmetics
42. Whole Foods: natural foods
43. iMessage: instant messaging
44. L’Oreal: cosmetics
45. Acer: tablets
46. Nike: athletic footwear
47. Trader Joe’s: natural foods
48. Elizabeth Arden: luxury cosmetics
49. J. Crew: apparel retailers
50. Starbucks: coffee

51. USAA: insurance
52. Tumblr: social networking
53. Maybelline: cosmetics
54. Subaru: automotive
55. Clinique: cosmetics
56. Tito’s: vodka
57. Panera: fast-casual restaurants
58. Sam’s Club: price clubs
59. Spotify: online music
60. Mary Kay: cosmetics

61. Chick-fil-A: fast-casual restaurants
62. MAC: cosmetics
63. Neutrogena: cosmetics
64. Cover Girl: cosmetics
65. Ritz Carlton: luxury hotel
66. Smirnoff: vodka
67. W Hotels: luxury hotels
68. Domino’s Pizza: pizza
69. Overstock.com: online retail
70. Jeep: automotive

71. Google+: social networking
72. Costco: price clubs
73. Discover: credit cards
74. Hyatt: upscale hotels
75. Victoria’s Secret: apparel retailers
76. American Express: credit cards
77. Sam Adams: beer (regular)
78. Hilton: upscale hotels
79. Revlon: cosmetics
80. Gap: apparel retailers

81. Mizuno: athletic footwear
82. Au Bon Pain: fast-casual restaurants
83. Pandora: online music
84. New Balance: athletic footwear
85. Google Play: online music
86. FIFA: major league gaming
87. Papa John’s: pizza
88. Macy’s: department  stores
89. Max Factor: cosmetics
90. Pinterest: social networking

91. Google Wallet: online payments
92. T.J. Maxx: department  stores
93. Hertz: car rentals
94. Nissan: automotive
95. AT&T Wireless: wireless  providers
96. JPMorgan Chase: banks
97. Parrot: headphones
98. Samsung: HDTV
99. KIA: automotive
100. Verizon: wireless  providers

Brand Keys founder and president said: Brand loyalty has always been driven by emotional engagement, and the rankings on the 2014 list should make it abundantly clear to marketers that connection, meaning, and differentiation [are] everything.


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