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List Of The 27 New Billionaires In Forbes 400 Richest Americans List 2014

Jan Koum

Well, this year 27 new billionaires have joined the Forbes 400 billionaires ranks of the richest americans list 2014, compared to 20 last year.

Among the 27 wealthiest newcomer, Jan Koum ($7.6 billion), co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp, the 55-person mobile messaging platform based in Mountain View that Facebook bought for $19 billion in February; is the richest.

Only 3 of the 27 new billionaires are women: Elizabeth Holmes, Karen Johnson Boyd and Josephine Louis.

Here’s a list of all 27 fresh additions to The Forbes 400:

1. Jan Koum (Net worth:  $7.6 billion): co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp and sold it to Facebook for $19 billion.

2. Carl Cook (Net worth:  $6 billion): Inherited medical-device fortune from his parents.

3. Elizabeth Holmes (Net worth: $4.5 billion): Founder of Theranos, youngest woman on Forbes 400, and youngest woman self-made billionair

4. Mark Shoen (Net worth:  $4 billion): Turned around U-Haul amid ugly family drama.

5. Brian Acton (Net worth:  $3.4 billion): Cofounded WhatsApp with Jan Koum.

6. Evan Williams (Net worth:  $3.2 billion): Started Blogger and cofounded Twitter.

7. George Bishop (Net worth:  $3 billion): Runs energy company GeoSouthern.

8. Travis Kalanick (Net worth:  $3 billion): Cofounder of ride-sharing firm Uber.

9. and 10. Gary Rollins, Randall Rollins (Net worth:  $3 billion): Feuding brothers behind Orkin pest control fortune.

11. Harry Stine (Net worth: $2.6 billion): a farmer and seed genetics entrepreneur, landed lucrative deals licensing the genetics to heavyweights like Monsanto and DuPont

12. Russell Weiner (Net worth: $2.5 billion): Rockstar Energy

13. Joseph Grendys ($2.4 billion): Rules the roost at chicken processor Koch Foods.

14. John Kapoor ($2.4 billion): Develops pharmaceuticals.

15. Karen Boyd ($2.2 billion): Heir to the S.C. Johnson fortune.

16. and 17. Herbert Louis and Josephine Louis ($2.2 billion): Heirs to the S.C. Johnson fortune.

18. Douglas Leone ($2 billion): His venture capital firm Sequoia Capital Invested early in companies like Apple, Google and Cisco.

19. Forrest Preston ($2 billion): Chairs Life Centers of America.

20. Mark Walter ($1.75 billion): Owns the LA Dodgers and runs money manager Guggenheim Partners.

21. William Ackman ($1.75 billion): Manages hedge fund firm Pershing Square Capital Management.

22. David Walentas (Net worth: $1.7 billion), a real estate developer who made his fortune by rebuilding the Dumbo area in Brooklyn, New York.

23. Larry Robbins ($1.7 billion): Captains hedge fund company Glenview Capital Management.

24. Vincent Viola ($1.7 billion): Heads high-frequency trading shop Virtu Financial.

25. Jon Yarbrough ($1.7 billion): Built and recently sold his manufacturer of casino games.

26. Jonathan Gray ($1.6 billion): Oversees Blackstone Group’s big push into real estate.

27. Alan Auerbach ($1.55 billion): Founded now publicly-traded biotech firm Puma Biotechnology.

Forbes’ 10 richest people in America 2014

1. Bill Gates, worth $81 billion. Source: Microsoft, self-made
2. Warren Buffet, worth $67 billion. Source: Berkshire Hathaway, self-made
3. Larry Ellison, worth $50 billion. Source: Oracle, self-made
4. Charles Koch, worth $42 billion. Source: diversified, inherited and growing
5. David Koch, worth $42 billion. Source: diversified, inherited and growing
6. Christy Walton, worth $38 billion. Source: Wal-Mart, inherited
7. Jim Walton, worth $36 billion. Source: Wal-Mart, inherited
8. Michael Bloomberg, worth $35 billion. Source: Bloomberg LP, self-made
9. Alice Walton, worth $34.9 billion. Source: Wal-Mart
10. S. Robson Walton, worth $34.8 billion. Source: Wal-Mart, inherited

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