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Most-Inspiring Youngest Woman Billionaire: Meet The Stanford Dropout Elizabeth Holmes

Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes, founder and chief executive officer of Theranos in Palo Alto, California, is No. 110 on the latest list of the richest people in America with a fortune worth $4.57 billion, according to Forbes.

The 30-year-old Elizabeth Holmes is the youngest self-made woman billionaire, who founded the Palo Alto health care technology company in 2003, valuing the company at $9 billion, with Holmes owning 50% of it.

As it is, Holmes, the third-youngest billionaire, is quickly rising up the ranks of most-inspiring executives , and no, she didn’t create a social media and networking sites filled with Pokes and Likes.

In fact, Theranos has engineered an entirely new way of taking blood from patients (a painless, no syringe) and then a system for testing blood that can give back broad, actionable results from just those few drops instead of ounces.

How cheaply? Oh and the tests are less painful, less expensive, and easier than traditional blood tests.

Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes
Courtesy Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes
Founder & CEO, Theranos.
Net worth: $4.5 billion. Age: 30.
Born: February 1984 in Washington, D.C
Rich List Records: Youngest woman on Forbes 400; the third-youngest billionaire; Youngest woman self-made billionaire.
Board Bigwigs: Henry KissingerChairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Sunny Balwani, President and Chief Operating Officer of Theranos; William Perry, the United States Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton; Sam Nunn, Bill Frist, George Schultz.

Holmes dropped out of Stanford at 19 to found what would become Theranos after deciding that her tuition money could be better put to use by transforming healthcare.

Elizabeth Holmes

Drugstore chain Walgreen announced that it would be installing physician-ordered diagnostic test collection center across the country, with locations already up and running in Phoenix and Palo Alto, California.

At the very top are the regulars:  Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, still the country’s wealthiest for the 21st consecutive year with a net worth of $81 billion. That’s up $9 billion from a year ago.

Warren Buffett, the elder statesman of investors, is No. 2 at $67 billion followed by Larry Ellison of Oracle at $50 billion.

But Bill Gates probably doesn’t care much for the Forbes list, as he is busy trying to eradicated Malaria. . He has already helped defeat polio.

Elizabeth Holmes

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