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18 Richest Health Care Billionaires In America: Medical moguls 2014

Patrick Soon Shiong

Well, there is a wealth in health, the 18 Richest People In Medicine.  At age 62, Patrick Soon-Shiong was at the top of the America’s richest healthcare and pharmaceutical billionaire with an estimated net worth of $11.9 billion, onto the Forbes 400 list.

He is the nation’s 39th richest individual, and the richest doctor in the history of the world. Thomas Frist, Jr. & family, ranked No. 2 with $7.8 billion, 59th in overall standings, and Carl Cook finished at No. 3, worth $5.9 billion, 86th in overall standings.

Stanford dropped out, Elizabeth Holmes, at 30, makes her debut on the list as the youngest self-made woman billionaire.

See the list of 18 America’s Richest healthcare and pharmaceutical Billionaires — Medical moguls for 2014:

Patrick Soon Shiong

1. Patrick Soon-Shiong – $11.9 billion, ranked No. 39 in overall standings, a South African-born American surgeon and the riches American in the healthcare industry.

Thomas Frist, Jr.
[image: AP]
2. Thomas Frist, Jr. & family – $7.8 billion, co-founder of the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), currently manages 162 hospitals and 113 freestanding surgery centers in the US and UK.,  ranked No. 62 in overall standings.

3. Carl Cook – $5.9 billion, son of William and Gayle Cook, co-founded a medical device company called the Cook Group Incorporated in 1963, took over the reins of the Cook Group upon his father’s death in 2011. Ranked No. 83 in overall standings.

Elizabeth Holmes

4. Elizabeth Holmes – $4.5 billion, ranked No. 110 in overall standings, Stanford University dropout Elizabeth Holmes, 30, with an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion.  She founded blood testing company Theranos with her tuition money, which has an estimated value of $9 billion.

5. Phillip Frost – $3.7 billion, billionaires rank No. 145,  MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania.

6. Reinhold Schmieding – $3.5 billion, ranked No. 155 in overall standings

7. Ronda Stryker – $3.4 billion, ranked No. 161 in overall standings,an orthopedic surgeon who started making medical devices to meet his patient’s needs, founding Stryker Corporation in 1941. Stryker is now a global leader in the medical technology industry specializing in making replacement joints, and other devices.

8. Randal Kirk – $3.1 billion, ranked No. 183 in overall standings, JD from the University of Virginia and a bachelor’s from Radford University, co-founded his first pharmaceutical firm, General Injectables & Vaccines, in 1984.

9. Judy Faulkner – $2.4 billion, ranked No. 261 in overall standings, a master’s from University of Wisconsin and a bachelor’s from Dickinson College. a computer scientist that founded an electronic health records company, Epic Systems, in 1979.

10. John Kapoor – $2.4 billion, ranked No. 261 in overall standings

11. Michael Jaharis – $2.2 billion, ranked No. 284 in overall standings

12. Forrest Preston – $2 billion, ranked No. 324 in overall standings

13. Pat Stryker – $2 billion, ranked No. 324 in overall standings

14. Stewart Rahr – $1.9 billion, ranked No. 340 in overall standings

15. John Brown – $1.8 billion, ranked No. 353 in overall standings, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Auburn University.

16. Jon Stryker – $1.8 billion, ranked No. 353 in overall standings

17. Robert Duggan – $1.75 billion, ranked No. 365 in overall standings

[Image: Gary Michelson Medical Research Foundation]

18. Gary Michelson – $1.55 billion, ranked No. 395 in overall standings, MD from Hahnemann Medical College and a bachelor’s from Temple University, certified orthopedic spinal surgeon, credited with having more than 250 U.S. patents on orthopedic instruments, methods, and devices.

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