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Top 20 Safest And Friendliest Countries Best For Independent And Solo Travellers

New Zealand

After considering many important factors like safety, security, and happiness editors at Travel + Leisure magazine have given New Zealand the title of best country for independent and solo travellers.

Interestingly, the United States was surprisingly absent from the top 20 list. New Zealand (Why Go?) — According to the travel magazine, New Zealanders who are one of the “friendliest and most open-minded people in the world.”

Have no fear.

Here are the safest, friendliest top 20 Countries to currently travel to solo and have a great time while you’re at it…

New Zealand

No. 1 New Zealand
Safety Ranking: 4
Happiness Ranking: 24

No. 2 Norway
Safety Ranking: 10
Happiness Ranking: 22


No. 3 Switzerland
Safety Ranking: 5
Happiness Ranking: 30

No. 4 Costa Rica
Safety Ranking: 42
Happiness Ranking: 1


No. 5 Austria
Safety Ranking: 3
Happiness Ranking: 42

No. 6 Vietnam
Safety Ranking: 45
Happiness Ranking: 2

Chile flag

No. 7 Chile
Safety Ranking: 30
Happiness Ranking: 19

No. 8 Japan (tie)
Safety Ranking: 8
Happiness Ranking: 48


No. 8 Sweden (tie)
Safety Ranking: 11
Happiness Ranking: 45

No. 10 Indonesia
Safety Ranking: 54
Happiness Ranking: 5

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

No. 11 Germany
Safety Ranking: 17
Happiness Ranking: 43

No. 12 Argentina
Safety Ranking: 43
Happiness Ranking: 18

No. 13 Canada (tie)
Safety Ranking: 7
Happiness Ranking: 58

No. 13 Finland (tie)
Safety Ranking: 6
Happiness Ranking: 59

No. 13 Laos (tie)
Safety Ranking: 38
Happiness Ranking: 27

No. 16 Panama
Safety Ranking: 57
Happiness Ranking: 9

No. 17 Netherlands
Safety Ranking: 20
Happiness Ranking: 55

No. 18 Ireland
Safety Ranking: 13
Happiness Ranking: 67

No. 19 Iceland
Safety Ranking: 1
Happiness Ranking: 80

No. 20 United Kingdom – the land of Shakespeare.
Safety Ranking: 47
Happiness Ranking: 39

In determining the list of best countries for solo travellers, editors also used the Happy Planet Index as a reference for a country’s well-being and environmental impact. For safety indicators, the Global Peace Index was also used as part of the criteria.

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