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Top 17 Wealthiest Authors in the world: Rich And Famous Writers

James Patterson

Thriller writer James Patterson topped the list of the world’s top-earning authors 2014, earning a staggering $90 million in the last 12 months and push his career total to $700 million over the last decade, making him the richest penman on Earth.

Patterson, meanwhile, regains his place at the top of the list; last year he was forced to cede the top spot to British erotic author EL James, who made $95 million. So much for the starving-writer stereotype!

The top 5 is completed: Dan Brown ($28 million), Nora Roberts ($23 million), Danielle Steel ($22 million), and Janet Evanovich ($20 million).

But top literary earners list’s real highlights were its 3 new additions, John Green ($9 million), author of The Fault in Their Stars, thriller novelist Gillian Flynn ($9 million), and Veronica Roth ($17 million), just 26 years old Novelist — thanks to her dystopian young adult trilogy Divergent.

Top-earning authors in the world – 2014:

James Patterson

1. James Patterson: $90 million – You can follow James on Twitter @JP_Books and website jamespatterson [dot] com.

Dan Brown

2. Dan Brown: $28 million – You can follow  Dan on Twitter @AuthorDanBrown and  danbrown [dot] com, largely known for the bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code.

Nora Roberts

3. Nora Roberts: $23 million – one of my very favorite writer,  famous for her humorous and/or conventionally/feel-good romantic writing; you can follow Nora on Facebook @noraroberts.

Danielle Steel

4. Danielle Steel: $22 million, you can follow Danielle on Twitter @daniellesteel.

5. Janet Evanovich: $20 million

6. Jeff Kinney: $17 million

7. Veronica Roth: $17 million

8. John Grisham: $17 million

9. Stephen King: $17 million

10. Suzanne Collins: $16 million

11. JK Rowling:$14 million

12. George RR Martin: $12 million

13. David Baldacci: $11 million

14. Rick Riordan: $10 million

15. EL James: $10 million


Gillian Flynn

16. Gillian Flynn: $9 million. I haven’t read any of  her  bestselling novels: Sharp Objects, Dark Places, and Gone Girl —-  added to my winter reading list, then i will be able to express my thoughts clearly regarding these books. You can follow Gillian on Facebook @authorgillianflynn.

17. John Green: $9 million, you can follow John on Twitter @realjohngreen.


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