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The 10 Snobbiest Cities In the United States revealed… and San Francisco ranked No. 1

San Francisco

So yeah, turns out San Francisco have been ranked number one in a list of the top 10 snobbiest big cities in the United Statest. All signs point to “yes, definitely,” but is this an insult or a compliment?

So what if they’re a little conceited?

No surprise here, the District of Columbia ranked second in the list of the snobbiest city in U.S., followed by Seattle; Scottsdale, Arizona; Oakland, California; Portland, Oregon; Irvine, California, Honolulu, Hawaii; Madison; and Atlanta rounding out the top ten.

For the rankings real estate blog Movoto used factors such as cost of housing, average household income, number of art galleries, and percent of residents who graduated from college.

Here is the list of the nation’s Top 10 Snobbiest Big Cities:

1. San Francisco

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Seattle

4. Scottsdale

5. Oakland

6. Portland

7. Irvine, Calif. (tie)

7. Honolulu (tie)

9. Madison

10. Atlanta

Here is the list of the nation’s Top 10 Snobbiest Small Cities

1. Palo Alto, CA

2. Bethesda, MD

3. Brookline, MA

4. San Rafael, CA

5. Walnut Creek, CA

6. Hoboken, NJ

7. Oak Park, IL

8. Encinitas, CA (tie)

8. Rockville, MD (tie)

10. Laguna Niguel, CA

Anyway, please feel free to express enthusiastic agreements, suggestions, and even downright outrage with these arbitrary rankings in the comments. Let me know what you’re reading at @ceoworld.

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