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Top 15 Cities With The Most Gorgeous Women In The World

Morena Baccarin and Silvia Colloca

In an annual entertaining internet beauty survey, the world’s Travelers magazine, asked respondents to find out top cities with the most gorgeous women in the world.  Rio de Janeiro is, without a doubt, home to the world’s most beautiful women!

Casting their votes during 2014, netizens across the world, declared “Rio de Janeiro” the winner as the number one city with the most gorgeous women, while Milan ranked number 2. Kiev and Prague ranked third and forth place.

Copenhagen girls claim the number 5th spot thanks to their good fashion sense. The women are judged on six points: their appearance, dress, charm, personality, education, and cultures were — included in the overall evaluation.

Find out where world’s most beautiful women reside. Let’s take a look at the top 10 cities with most gorgeous women in the world:

Morena Baccarin and Silvia Colloca

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Monica Bellucci

2. Milan, Italy

Ani Lorak

[image: Ani Lorak]

3. Kiev, Ukraine

Karolína Kurková

4. Prague, Czech Republic


5. Copenhagen, Denmark

deepika padukone

6. Mumbai, India

7. Miami & Los Angeles, United States

Milena Golda

8. Warsaw, Poland

9. Stockholm, Sweden

10. Montreal, Canada

Emmanuelle Chriqui

11. Buenos Aires, Argentina

12. Hong Kong, China

13. Tel Aviv, Israel

14. Seoul, South Korea

15. Moscow, Russia

Anna Kournikova

Which city has the most beautiful women?

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