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What Makes New York City The Billionaire Breeding Capital Of The World?

New York

In fact, one in every forty billionaires in the world is born in the New York City — the billionaire-breeding capital of the world.

Wealth consultancy WealthInsight and Spear’s magazine have revealed, 52 billionaires have been born in the New York City, totaling 3.09% of all billionaires on the planet, the Russian capital, Moscow came in second (1.31% or 22 billionaires), while London came in third (1.25% or 21 billionaires). Hong Kong and Paris make up the remainder of the top five.

Within the US, seven cities have produced five or more billionaires: New York (52 billionaires), Chicago (11 billionaires), Los Angeles (9 billionaires) and Detroit, Houston, Pittsburgh and San Francisco (5 billionaires each).

New York

New York’s wealthiest billionaires include Koch Industries second-gen David Koch, media magnate Michael Bloomberg, and hedge funder George Soros, who have a combined wealth of $67 billion.

The study, conducted by high net worth data source Wealth Insight and Spears Magazine, shows how the balance of wealth has changed across the world’s cities, said Oliver Williams, one of the report’s analysts.

Top Cities Where The Most Billionaires Were Born

1. New York – 52 billionaires
2. Moscow  – 22 billionaires
3. London – 21 billionaires
4. Hong Kong – 17 billionaires
5. Paris – 12 billionaires
6. Istanbul – 12 billionaires
7. Chicago – 11 billionaires
8. Rio De Janeiro – 9 billionaires
9. Los Angeles – 9 billionaires
10. Singapore – 8 billionaires
11. Taipei  – 8 billionaires
12. Mumbai – 7 billionaires
13. Mexico City – 7 billionaires
14. Foshan, China  – 6 billionaires
15. Hangzhou, China – 6 billionaires
16. Saint Petersburg, Russia – 62 billionaires
17. Madrid – 5 billionaires
18. Jiangsu, China  – 5 billionaires
19. Shanghai, China  – 5 billionaires
20. Heidelberg, Germany  – 5 billionaires
21. Detroit, USA – 5 billionaires
22. Houston, USA – 5 billionaires
23. Pittsburgh, USA – 5 billionaires
24. San Francisco, USA – 5 billionaires

Top 25 Cities Where The Most Billionaires Were Born

We must not forget that The world’s first billionaire was from New York too! —- it was also the birthplace of the world’s first billionaire, John D. Rockefeller.

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj

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