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4 Vital Twitter Features to Utilize to Make Your Brand’s Page Pop

#GettingDownToBusiness  – For a few years now, businesses–everything from start-ups to huge corporations–have been utilizing Twitter in order to deepen their reach and engagement with customers. While there are plenty of simple features that Twitter has offered, all of which have worked well for brands thus far, the popular social network is also becoming even more integral to businesses as they continue to roll out more business-specific features (both on the web and API).

Twitter serves as the ideal platform for real-time engagement with consumers. By being able to instantly share the latest news in an eye-catching image or Tweet, you’re encouraging your followers and new fans alike to join in and start thought-provoking conversations. When it comes to mobile marketing, Twitter’s easy-to-use interface is excellent for engagement on-the-go.

What’ more is that most of Twitter’s traffic is mobile. 47% of users are less likely to use Twitter on a desktop, 79% are more likely to use it multiple times a day, and 19% use tablets as their primary way to access Twitter. That means businesses that are Twitter-savvy will capture possibly the fastest growing demographic—no longer does one have to go to a computer and check out what you’re doing, which is great as you can engage your audience at any time of day.


1) Meet The New Boss

Twitter has undergone a redesign lately, which allows for a cover photo and a larger header. You can even pin key tweets to the top of your Twitter feed, making it similar to Facebook Pages. Pinning important tweets to the top of your feed will allow customers to get news of the latest going on in your company, which means if you’re a frequent user of Twitter, the need to scroll down to get to that piece of information is no longer necessary.


2) Super Size It

Twitter also implemented a very interesting feature recently—tweets that receive more engagement appear larger in feeds. This is especially useful if since most Twitter users are using a mobile device to access the network—larger text stands out more and will generally grab the attention of mobile users before anything else. In turn, this will lead to more conversation between the business and the consumer.

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3) Picture Perfect

Another important Twitter feature that businesses can use is the photo collage. You can attach multiple photos to tweets as well as tag up to 10 people in those photos as well. This is important because you can cross-promote your business partners and announce any new products and/or services your company is rolling out, telling stories in pictures to your followers.

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4) VIP Guest List

Twitter lists are ideal for starting conversations with key players in your industry on a more personal level. In fact, your company could only benefit from following some of the top executives in the world and see what they are doing at their companies so that you can emulate them at your company as well. You can even use Twitter lists to keep an eye on your competition.

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Overnight Celebrity

Using Twitter isn’t just for celebrities anymore—businesses have caught on to the platform as well and plan to use it because of the exponential growth the mobile sector has had over the past few years. Twitter’s more personal touch can also allow businesses to identify more with consumers and engage them more directly, giving them new business opportunities and ventures that may not arisen otherwise.

By, Hilary Smith is an online journalist and technology enthusiast. With her background in media marketing, she enjoys sharing tips she’s learned along the way. In addition to covering social media, her writing also covers everything from start-ups and entrepreneurship, to business communications and the impact of business globalization. Connect with her on Twitter.


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