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25 most annoying jargon phrases we hear at workplace

Let’s make a comprehensive list of most annoying and overused phrases (buzzwords ) we hear at work. Those office waffle phrases ‘it’s a no-brainer’ and ‘thinking outside the box” that drive us mad – don’t you just hate it?

For me, these are my top 25 most irritating jargon phrases used at work, I’m sure you have others that you can add to this list  – Please add your ones using the comment field! Here are 25 words and expressions thrown around offices today.

the office PAM

  1. Going forward
  2. Drill-down
  3. Touch base
  4. It’s on my radar
  5. No brainer
  6. Best of breed
  7. Low hanging fruit
  8. Reach out
  9. Dive deeper
  10. Think outside the box
  11. On my plate
  12. At the end of the day
  13. Run the numbers
  14. Touch points
  15. Keep your eye on the ball
  16. Back to the drawing board
  17. Get the ball rolling
  18. Bang for your buck
  19. Move the needle
  20. Game-changing
  21. Move the goal post
  22. Value added
  23. Win-win
  24. Across the piece
  25. All hands on deck

the office

Have a favorite — or most-loathed — frequently-used office jargon — buzzword?  Please let me know which ones you would add to this list!

Jessica Todd Swift
Jessica Todd Swift is the deputy managing editor of the CEOWORLD magazine. She is a veteran business and tech blogger, journalist, and analyst. Jessica is responsible for overseeing newsroom assignments and publishing and providing support to the editor in chief.