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How has positive feedback spurred you forward in your career?

An informal monthly survey of high-performers in the workplace, who had chosen to leave a particular company. The No. 1 reason given: “I’ve never felt properly recognized for the work I do as an employee.”

Do your top-performers keep abandoning ship?

Are you wondering why? Let me tell you: It’s you!

Here are some of the reasons why employees (high-performers) said they’re planning to leave the job.

“I have no idea what’s involved to be eligible for promotion.”
“I have been in this same position for lat 20 months and I have still never had a serious job review.”
“I wish I knew where I stand.”
“My boss always seems too busy to help me understand my career possibilities.”
“I’m not sure what is expected of me.”

So, how to develop – and Retain! – top performers?

Nothing irritates a high-performers more than, an inconsistent / frequently changing job priorities – Set a short-, medium-, and long-term strategy and stick to each for a reasonable period.

Don’t playing favorites – Start playing favorites and bypassing people despite their results, and your high performers will be out of there before you can say, “Holy second cousin.”

Top performers like to do what they’re good at. They view themselves as Ferraris and get frustrated if they think they are being used as golf carts.

Don’t forget about money. While high-performers generally aren’t motivated primarily by money, we’ve been surprised by how much it can help.

You need to embrace the reality that top performers are motivated by execution. Not talking. Not dreaming. Doing.

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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