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What Do You Think Is Necessary For Making It Big?

Yes, nearly everyone dreams of “Making It Big” one day, but only a few of them actually follow-through on their dreams. Are you curious to know if you’re one of them?

Here are some signs that suggests, you’re not only a dreamer with big-picture plans for success, but also an achiever on the fast-track to fame and success.

What do you think is necessary for “making it big” one day? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  1. Well, it’s fine to “Dream Big,” but you should also “Think Big” in terms of the real world and what you can actually accomplish.
  2. Passion and Curiosity – I think, you’ve got to be passionate, curious, and excited about all areas of the industry, biz, and so on. Crucially, curiosity helps us approach uncertainty.
  3. Don’t set vague and cliché goals like “I want to be successful.” – Set a Clear Goal.
  4. Confidence – without confidence in yourself and your abilities, you can easily get crushed by criticism and/or negativity, which gets translated into self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  5.  You’ve to have a deep self-belief that you’re going to make it.
  6. What’s the difference between people who never achieve their dreams and people who reach their dreams?laughing-at-your-dreams

    Ask the Right Questions?

    Q = What do you really want?
    A =

    Q = What is your real goal?
    A =

    Q = What are you prepared to give up?
    A =

    Q = What goals do you want to achieve?
    A =

    Q = Who do you want to become by achieving these goals?
    A =

    Q = What are you ready to give up about who you are now in order to become who you want to be?
    A =

  7. You need to have a dream (A Big One!) – even if it’s a little vague – is crucial for success. Before you can start your journey, you need to have a goal in mind! – Let’s Dream big but ACT even BIGGER!
  8. Find people ( mentor, coach ,family members, experts, anyone you can be trust) who can support you in making these dream come true.
  9. The trick to making it  BIG one day is simple: there is no trick. We tend to look for magical solutions when what’s needed is persistence and consistent work.

job interview women dress attire

Here are some of the standout quotes:

  • “Building great brands is a mix of magic and logic, a blend of art and science.” 
  • “There’s never been such a premium on creativity. It must cut be used to cut through the clutter.”
  • “Whether you work in social, mobile or data you need to step back & think about how to simplify”  
  • “Move from ‘marketing to people’, to ‘marketing with people’.”

By Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever, he is also a non-Executive Director of Sun Products Corporation. You can follow Keith on Twitter @keithweed.

  • “The heart knows today what the mind will learn tomorrow.”
  • “We are all born creative. We just got it educated out of us.”

By Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer & Chairman, WW Creative Council Ogilvy & Mather. You can follow Tham on Twitter @ThamKhaiMeng.

“More than ever before, culture is defined by mass society. Our job as marketers is to nurture it.” –  Gannon Jones, Head of Brand Marketing at MillerCoors. You can follow Gannon on Twitter @gannon_jones.

  • “Silence is not an option in a socially networked world.” “We have to do work that matters. It’s not more, it’s more GOOD.” – Wendy Clark
  • “We produce 15 percent of the content. Consumers produce 85 percent.”  – Wendy Clark
  • “Speed trumps perfection.” – Wendy Clark
  • “We have to do work that matters. It’s not more, it’s more GOOD.” – Wendy Clark

By Wendy Clark,  Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at The Coca-Cola Company. You can follow Wendy on twitter @wnd.

“An important part of a work relationship is shared values: What is authentically you and what is authentically us?” – Steve Stoute, Founder and CEO of the brand development and marketing firm Translation. You can follow Steve on Twitter @SteveStoute.

“We need to push the envelope by creating more immersive non-linear stories.” – Gaston Legorburu, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at SapientNitro. You can follow Gaston on twitter @gastonleg.

“The new role of agencies is designers of narrative spaces for brands.” – Sid Bhatt, CEO of Aarki, a leader in interactive and creative advertising technology. You can follow Sid on Twitter @Sid_Aarki.

  • “If you don’t make mistakes you’re no longer on the frontier. The mistakes you make should be mistakes no one has ever made before.”
  • “No one is dumb who is curious.”

By Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson – Astrophysicist


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