Saturday, August 8, 2020

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20 Tips From Top Executives In The Business World To Redefine Success

Let’s face it, the most influential and prominent CEOs, CIOs, COOs – and other C-suite executives are where they are today because they took advice from people they trusted.

What words of advice do you live and run your business by? Share them below in the comments section.

So whether you’re eyeing the C-suite or trying to figure out what gets you in the door, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite tips that executives have shared.

Kim Stevenson, chief information officer (CIO) at Intel Corporation, you can follow Kim on Twitter @Kimsstevenson. Previously, she was GM & VP for Intel;s global IT Operations and services.  Prior to joining Intel, Kim was Vice President, Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME) Industry at HP Enterprise Services.

  1. Connect to new sources and influential people.
  2. There are no IT projects, only business projects.
  3. Business executives should have higher expectations of IT.
  4. CIOs can use social channels to stay current and well informed.

Jonathan Becher, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP. he is an highly-collaborative senior executive with multiple demonstrated successes as CEO and CMO, delivering growth agendas with measurable financial and market returns significantly above expectations. You can follow Jonathan on Twitter @jbecher.

  1. Position is what angle you want to take. Message is how you deliver that single position to the audience you want to reach.
  2. If you focus on what your end customers want everything else takes care of itself.
  3. When can we be digital first, when can we be digital only and when do we need to be digital to be on top?


Advice From Successful Executives

John Taschek, senior vice president strategy at, you can follow john on Twitter @jtaschek.

  1. It’s not about where the budget sits, but where the conversation starts.
  2. Seek not to influence, but to be influenced.
  3. As marketing fuels up, so does IT and everyone ends up at the same table.
  4. Marketing influence is market strategy built from the influence of others.

Ramon F. Baez, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of HP, you can follow Ramon on Twitter @RamonfBaez.

  1. Creativity needs to come from everywhere, not just the C-level.
  2. Stay focused on what moves the needle.
  3. You cannot deal with modern problems using antiquated systems.
  4. Prioritize the projects that enhance value.

Adriana (Andi) Karaboutis, Vice President & Global Chief Information Officer at Dell, Inc, you can follow Adriana on Twitter @AndiCIOatDell.

  1. Don’t chase shadow IT, chase innovation.
  2. Embrace social media as a means of doing business.
  3. Work at the speed of your customers, not the speed of your processes.
  4. Technology is ubiquitous.

Frank Modruson, the former global Chief Information Officer of Accenture PLC.

  1. IT must develop a deeper understanding of the business through collaboration.
  2. In order to move forward, you must abandon the past.
  3. CIOs must cultivate a culture of agility and customer service.

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