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Why is it so hard for younger brands to stay their course: Tips?

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The fact that there is NOTHING more potentially-destructive behavior for a brand than look at what your competition is doing. Funny, but the most important question for brand managers: How does a younger brand owner justify getting information and lead on competitors and not acting on it?

Branding is one of the ultimate tool in helping customers to identify, recognize, accept, and acknowledge your brand identity.

In this article, I’m going to share some tips on: why is it so hard for younger brands to stay their course?

1. Once you’ve decided on your branding, Make sure it’s consistent & concise.

2. It Isn’t About Advertising

3. having a clever tagline can help you stand out such as “GA Diamond is Forever” or “Just Do It,” or “Got Milk?.”

Mobile Businessman

35 Top Slogans and Taglines of All Time

  1. A diamond is forever by DeBeers 
  2. What happens here, stays here. (2002) Las Vegas  
  3. Nokia – Connecting people.
  4. Think different. (1998) Apple Computer
  5. I love New York. (1977) NY State Dept. of Econ. Development
  6. There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard. (1997) MasterCard
  7. Tata salt  : Desh ka namak
  8. “We Try Harder” written by Bill Bernbach of DDB.
  9. “Keep Walking” by Johnnie Walker
  10. Finger-lickin’ good! (1952) Kentucky Fried Chicken
  11. Amul   – Utterly Butterly Delicious / The Taste of India
  12. The ultimate driving machine. (1975) BMW
  13. Adidas – Impossible is Nothing.
  14. “Got milk?” (1993) California Milk Processor Board
  15. Britannia  : Eat healthy, think better
  16. Walmart – Save Money. Live Better.
  17. Levis – Quality never goes out of style.
  18. Coca Cola – Twist the cap to refreshment.
  19. “The road will never be the same” by Acura
  20. Don’t leave home without it. (1975) American Express
  21. 3M – Innovation.
  22. American by Birth. Rebel by Choice – Harley Davidson
  23. Think Smallby Volkswagen
  24. “Just do it” by Nike
  25. Kit Kat   : Have a break, have a kit kat
  26. “Better by Adobe” by Adobe
  27. Burger King – Have it your way.
  28. “we know money” by AIG
  29. Taj Mahal Chai  : Wah Taj!
  30. There is no substitutePorsche
  31. Aston Martin – Power, beauty and soul.
  32. Reebok – I am what I am.
  33. IBM – Solutions for a smart planet.
  34. Sony – Make Believe
  35. Vodafone – Make the most of now.

4. Think Long Term. Very Long Term

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