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How small businesses can benefit from evolving workplace and office trends?

Now it’s time to look ahead to, how the evolving concept of the workplace and the office is helping from small businesses to large multinational corporations and start-ups?

One thing is certain, technological innovation has led to the rise of new types of collaborative, more diverse, productive, connected and creative shared workspaces and flexible hubs. Here are the trends I’m following:

Okay, Of course we have had something like rented desk facilities and shared office spaces for many years in our cities, so then and now: what’s changed?

– About one third of Americans are freelancers, contractors and consultants right now & there will be more of them than full-time employees in five years.

– Combined with latest tech trends such as virtualisation and cloud computing + fast, secure, and reliable wireless connectivity + lighter, smaller, and more powerful Smartphones = have freed new generation of mobile workers and talented freelancers from the shackles of being overly reliant on a PC at our desk.

– As employees become more mobile and workplace design more flexible, a seamless integration of technology tools and usage policies are essential for success

– In the old days, companies and organizations were focused on efficiency, but now designed to encourage creativity.

– A growing numbers of start-ups, freelance workers, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs — they’re experiencing the thrill of freedom and flexibility to work from wherever they want.

– Workplaces are becoming flatter, with less hierarchy and more emphasis on working together.

It’s no secret that the pendulum is in full swing.  Are there other workplace trends to note as we look at the new workplace? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment or e mail me.

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