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Finding High-Quality Employees: Do You Have A Well-Written Job Description?

When planning your recruiting efforts, there are a number of things you can do that can help you attract just the right applicants for the interview.

There seems to be a major disconnect between what a job description lays out and what matters to prospective candidates.

If job description is dull, drab or generic, that’s likely the kind of job seekers you’ll attract. But how do you write a properly worded job description to narrow your pool of applicants and attract just the right people to your company?

A job description is your critical first impression (not easily altered) when recruiting, and if you lose them before they even apply you’re operating at a major disadvantage.

What i will do is give you some practical tips to help you craft most effective job postings — in order to get the talent you want:

1) Pick your job posting title with care and be concise, for example: there is a difference between saying “customer service representative” and “customer service rep” in your job posting title. I strongly suggest use 5 and 80 characters.

2) Proofread your job posting before posting it on job boards – and avoid all caps. For example, job seekers are more likely to search for “marketing manager” than “online consumer growth hacker”.

3) If you are planning to hire a “Javascript Developer”, call it that. Avoid phrases like “Jedi” and “Ninja”.

4) Give some idea about the company culture. Let the job seeker know what a great place they may be signing up with.

5) Do not exaggerate or underplay the responsibilities of the role. Use 4-5 paragraphs or even some bullet points to explain to the job candidate what this job involves and what the new recruit will be responsible of doing. The more specific you are, the better.

6) A job description isn’t meant to stay the same forever. Each role you hire for will change over time, so make sure you update the description the next time you hire.

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