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How Do Web Based Project Management Tools Help You Fulfill Your Project Needs?

Project management is a highly demanding job where one has to take care of various tasks, activities, processes, personnel, budgeting, time, problems, issues and so many other things related to projects. All these things come with their share of technicalities and complexities. The huge number of tasks, activities and other things in projects make it difficult to take care of each and every item and handle and execute them in a prioritized manner. So it is quite natural that some of these get slipped, missed or delayed. This leads to mismanagement and chaos as tasks get delayed which in turn delay the projects, increase costs and if things cannot be set right, will result in failure of projects. This means the effort, time and money spent over them will go waste. No project manager wants this to happen to his projects. But mere wishes cannot set things right.

It is better to deal with such issues in a proactive manner rather than rue at the end when things cannot be undone. Such situations do occur when tasks and activities in projects are planned and monitored manually through pen and paper or by holding physical meetings. These methods are not efficient and are error prone.

Those managing projects through emails also face problems. When multiple people join in a communication through emails, things can be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. Moreover, it is difficult to find a context-specific communication from your inbox. Searches throw up wrong results which waste time and create confusion. So there is a need to shift over to some enterprising mechanism for better management over projects.

A web based project management tool like ProofHub will enable better and effective management over projects in an easy and fulfilling manner. By using it, team members can tremendously improve their efficiency by executing their their tasks in an orderly and scheduled manner without ever missing them. Apart from this, there are so many other benefits associated with this aid.

It drastically improves communication and collaboration among team members based in different geographical locations around the world and working together over a project. Thus they can better function as a team. They can promptly and mutually discuss over various important issues and resolve them fast and firmly byl sharing of ideas and views. This saves  time and enhances their productivity. Moreover organizations are able to save costs as they need not make arrangements for conducting a physical meeting in a hotel or venue for discussion over important matters. An organization need to halt its operations abruptly for the sake of participation in such meetings. So its productivity does not get affected.

This project management system also helps in proper assignment of tasks and activities to various team members as per their capabilities. Their clear description and documentation helps them to understand their tasks better and perform them timely. Timely email notifications are sent to them to make them aware of the incoming deadlines of their tasks, so they can perform them timely without missing. This enhances their productivity and makes them more accountable. The tasks can also be better tracked and controlled.

Its mobile feature helps team members to remain connected with their projects even on the go. They can check everything important in their projects from the airport or a vacation spot or from anywhere else through their mobile. They can contribute in them even when away from their workplaces.

It helps in precise tracking and assessment over progress achieved over various tasks and processes through its Gantt chart feature which help to measure overall progress over projects. Any inconsistencies arising in them can be quickly identified and resolved promptly, so the functioning of projects remains smooth. Delayed tasks can be easily rescheduled.

This aid also enables accurate and prompt proofing over designs and enables their fast creation, review, approval and delivery to the clients. Through this, a designer can add comments over a created design in his browser and quickly share it with his client who will instantly view it in his browser and suggest any improvements in it by writing text or by drawing shapes in it. This gets viewed by the designer in least time who will accordingly work on it. This will then get approved by the client.

This online proofing software enhances productivity of designers besides cutting their costs, time and efforts as they can create accurate and client specific designs in least time. This proves to be a great tool for web designers and other creative people whose job is to create designs as per their clients’ requirements. This magnificently improves communication between designers and clients and help designers to process their clients’ orders timely without missing them. Thus clients can get quickly quality and error free designs.

It proves to be of great utility in instances where designs are created as a part of design projects where limitations are imposed in terms of time, budget and other resources.

This enterprising tool helps in timely execution of tasks and activities in projects which leads to projects getting successfully completed on time with due achievement of their specific objectives which will boost reputation and profitability of the organizations involved.

So web based project management tools need to be adopted by those organizations who want better and efficient management over their projects.

This week, we’re going to look at some of the best web based project management tools.This is by no means an exhaustive list, but each tool listed here has been deliberately selected based on a rich feature set.


Clarizen – cloud-based online project management software – it helps your team work more effectively, efficiently, and achieve better results. Clarizen’s robust feature set provides the tools you need to: Review, approve, prioritize and schedule your annual project portfolio, develop, implement and roll out new products and services, track, manage and prioritize change requests and resolve issues for all systems IT manages, and collaborate with team members, stakeholders and outside consultants in a dedicated project workspace.

Genius Project, an Enterprise Project Management Software – Genius Project online is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option, allowing you to easily access your project and portfolio information through any browser on a PC, and Safari on a Mac, iPhone and iPad. Genius Project for professional services organizations empowers you with an end-to-end solution for delivering better results to your customers.


AtTask, a web-based task management software – Unlike other agile solutions, AtTask enables your team to: Use the right methodology, prioritize work across projects, and collaborate in the context of work. Clients can quickly submit specific types of requests, fill out a customized creative brief, attach documents, and collaborate with your team in one place. Just tell them to “put it in AtTask.”


ProofHub, a web-based project management and collaboration software – With ProofHub, all of your clients, staff members and projects stay in one central place, along with project discussions, files, milestones and to-do lists. You also get full control over which clients and staff members can access specific projects.

Project Insight, project management software for the mid-market –  Project Insight is an online project management solution. Its software offers powerful, flexible features that satisfy experienced project managers and are easy enough for team members to learn and adopt. Because Project Insight is 100% web-based, your project team can access, edit and update your project information anytime, anywhere, with any supported browser, tablet and mobile device.

Tenrox – Cloud-based Project Management Software for online resource management, resource scheduling, project planning, time & expense tracking, project billing & cost reporting.  It provides a best-of-breed tool for project management, time & expense management, resource management & project financials to meet the challenges of managing your globally dispersed business units and project workers who collaborate on projects from multiple remote locations and time zones.

Daptiv – Daptiv is designed with real organizations and people in mind. We offer comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) functionality, but with the ability to introduce new capabilities when your organization is ready for them. This enables you to realize business value quickly before adding more sophisticated capabilities as your PPM process matures.

(Writing by Sharon Thomson; Editing by Amy Canter, Megan Batchelor, and Todd Aitken) Sharon Thomson is marketing and business manager at ProofHub, a saas based project management software that helps to manage projects with team and clients at a central place.)

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