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Tips To Make Sure Your Linkedin Profile Is Irresistible To Hiring Managers, Recruiters, And Potential Employers

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has become a leading tool in the hands of key decision makers, executives and recruiters. The site has more than 238 million users, who use it as a place to showcase their career skills, ambitions, and researching prospective employers.

But have you thought about  how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for the Job Hunt?

This is all about accentuating every one of your strengths, personality, creativity — and being confident. Once you’ve put the time and effort into building “Irresistible Linkedin Profile”, don’t forget to include its URL in your email signature, resumé and on your business card.

Let’s face it: Your Linkedin profile is the first place which hiring managers and recruiters will look when they are considering contacting you. If you’re looking for a job, it has the potential to open doors in your career, so make the most of it!

Here you can find few amazing tips to make sure your Linkedin profile is irresistible to recruiters and potential employers:

1) Update your photo – Don’t forget to update your photo (should be professional)

2) Use your name for your LinkedIn Profile URL – makes it a lot easier to share it on your email signature, resume and on your business card.

3) Follow your dream company you want to work for – When you follow a company on LinkedIn, you can learn about their job openings and make yourself seen by commenting on news in the company’s activity stream.

4) Engage: start a conversation with a friend (or company)

5) Ask people for recommendations — A good word from execs in your industry or at your company are the best!!

6) Skills section is one of the ways recruiters find you!

7) Endorsements – You can give a thumbs-up to the exceptional people in your network and other people can give a thumbs up to you.

8) Add pictures, slideshows, videos to your summary – LinkedIn lets you add photos, videos and slideshow presentations to your profile summary.

9) And if you haven’t filled out a summary at all … write one.

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