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SimilarGroup Raising $3.5 Million, Launched SimilarWeb PRO

Tel Aviv-based SimilarGroup has launched an online competitive intelligence platform “SimilarWeb PRO” – designed  to get in-depth analytics on your competitors web traffic. SimilarGroup plans to unseat Amazon’s Alexa as the leader in web rankings.

Founded in 2009 by CEO Or Offer and CTO Nir Cohen, the company is raising an additional $3.5 million in funding. The company has raised $7 million to date.

The company’s current investors – Yossi Vardi, Moshe Lichtman, the Recanati family’s Naftali Investments Ltd., Van Leer Ventures Jerusalem Ltd. unit Docor International Management Ltd., and British businessman Lord Alliance – are participating in the round.

SimilarWeb will use the proceeds from the funding, which it is now closing, to expand its global reach, says Offer. “We’ve opened an office in London, from which we want to expand our operations in Europe,” he says. The company has expanded its workforce from 15 employees 18 months ago to 40 today, and is now hiring, especially Big Data experts who will help continue the analysis of more than 1.4 billion webpages a day.

The depth of data on SimilarWeb PRO is unprecedented and it is designed to help you discover sources of traffic you simply can’t miss – new affiliates, advertising networks, keywords, publishers and other invaluable opportunities which will give you the competitive edge.

Online competitive intelligence used to be an unattainable luxury which only a few could afford. We didn’t like that – the world has moved on and we want to democratize online competitive insights. With packages starting at $99 per month, we are making SimilarWeb PRO accessible to any small business, agency, site owner, consultant or freelancer.

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