Friday, May 14, 2021

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A Brilliant Automated Location Diary iOS App: Rove By ZeTrip

Rove is a brilliant iOS app that records your journeys — without being overly complicated or annoying.

I usually get super excited about any new app or tool for about a week, then get bogged down in the details or forget to update often enough. But this one I could see myself sticking with for a while.

The Rove app is created by the company behind social travel service Zetrip, according to Founder and CEO Edouard Tabet. It now lets you share your trips, and track yourself when offline.

You just have to keep your phone in your pocket, press Start and Rove app will do the rest… It will keep track of the restaurants you ate in, whether you were hiking, driving or on a flight. It will remember every single detail of your strolls.

Allows you to add photos of your journeys, and share it with your friends/families via a dedicated Web page that can be emailed, tweeted or posted to Instagram and/or Facebook.

>>> Available on the App store, Rove [iOS]
>>> Rove location diary app by ZeTrip

Will you give the Rove app a try?


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