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Mailbox, The Mobile-First Inbox Adds Cloud Search For Gmail With Multiple Signatures And Chrome Integration

Fantastic update, one of the most popular iOS email app “Mailbox” (owned by Dropbox) has been updated with “cloud search” — you can now quickly search all of your Gmail messages in the cloud and locally on your device.

Previously, search was limited to messages that had been downloaded and searching was often slow. Now the feature works very much like Apple’s Mail app. When you perform a search, Mailbox will look for related items on the server after it shows all offline results.

In addition to the new cloud search option, you can now also attach signatures to individual emails based on the address that you’re using to send them.

So if you’re replying to an email from your work address, they’ll see the signature you use for work.

Most importantly, it opens all link in the Google Chrome browser, assuming that it is installed on their device.

Released last February, Mailbox, popular Gmail client was acquired by Dropbox in March. In addition, earlier this month, Dropbox began offering users an additional 1GB of free storage space simply for linking the cloud storage service with Mailbox.

Mailbox for iOS can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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