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Should chief executive officers (C-level or C-suite) Tweet – Twitter for Business?

Twitter for Android
Twitter for Android

When is the last time you watched the CEO of a company tweet? Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson and John Pepper tweet often— and they use Twitter to increase their marketing and sales.

On average, CEOs who tweet increase their sales by 10 percent. Once you get a great group of followers and you start tweeting real content — not just advertising, and people will start to retweet your tweet and will take notice of you.

Get Protection

Before you enter the online world be sure your computer is protected. You should have an adequate firewall, virus checker and adware checker, and you should full scans with these programs at least once weekly. Don’t forget to have the programs check your temporary Internet files if they give you a choice.

Twitter for Android
Twitter for Android

What Else is There?

Is that all you need to do to get ahead of the pack? No — you need to be active on your Twitter page and sharing great ideas, paying your respects, following people, retweeting tweets that you like and building brand awareness. If you follow Disney, Walmart, then they will likely follow you back and you might get more followers who are also fans of the company you followed. You can find newsworthy things about your field to tweet. When others retweet your tweets, your name shows up on the retweets. This may help you to get more followers. When you get a follower thank him or her for following you. You may also give a little-known fact about your company or your profession in the thank you.

People want to read about new perspectives on things, new strategy for business and other such topics in various fields. You can share white papers, blogs and newspaper articles about your profession. And, if your business makes the paper, don’t forget to tweet about it.

The Power of Retweeting

Use your Twitter account to give kudos to others in your profession who do well — or even those in another profession if you admire them. Once you start giving, you will notice that you also start receiving. People will retweet your posts and start to follow you. Every now and then, stick some brand awareness tweets in the mix.

If you simply tweet advertisements, people won’t pay too much attention, but picking a descriptive identity, then tweeting human interest items will get you some notice. You could even tweet about some great thing your company is doing to help out a charity or a show you are getting ready to do, such as an RV show or a car show.

You can even “improve the buzz in recruiting circles.” When your company does something or is planning on doing something new, tweet about it. You never know who will retweet your posts. You also never know whose interest you will catch with your tweets. It could land you a new partnership or a contract with another company.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - Should chief executive officers (C-level or C-suite) Tweet – Twitter for Business?
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