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A flower lives its life when it is in full bloom. As a bud, everyone awaits its growth. When it is more-than-mature, everyone discards it thinking of its imminent death. While the dusk of your life is far away, here is a list of things you must do before you die.

ACCEPT YOURSELF- Sounds absurd, but indeed you must do this! You have faced a lot of things. Good, average, bad, worse; you had it all. These experiences must have left their marks on your heart and mind. Experiences make the person you are. Learn to accept yourself and give yourself credit for the person you are.

INVENT SOMETHING– We are living in a world where everything is imitated. Even emotions are not real! What is real anger or happiness, for instance? We all try to laugh or be angry in a certain way. We desperately need to be original! Invent something, anything. A word, a phrase, an emotion, scientific equipments, weird dresses; anything you want.

LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE- We think that it is no use to learn a new language as we might never ever use it. But the thrill and knowledge that comes with learning a new language is extreme. You get to know about a whole new culture through its language. The world is so big; knowing it more everyday should be our quest.

TRAVEL AND SPORTS- Travelling, meeting new milestones is quite adventurous. Travel the world. Go around, know history, and know new places. Explore and enjoy! Travelling is a feeling. It brings a smile on the face by its own. It is a charm. Travel alone or with family, but travel. And engage in as many thrilling sports as you can. Be it skydiving, paragliding or river rafting, just go out and do it. Climb a mountain, if you may!

LOVE AND HATE- Love is beautiful. Experience both good love and bad love. Compliment good love and bitch about bad love. Love someone desperately and unconditionally. Be happy at your love’s happiness. Be kind and selfless. But don’t forget to make enemies too. Bounce back on that annoying schoolmate or office colleague. Make an enemy and hate them and do voodoo. (Voodoo is just for exaggeration, folks!)

CHARITY- Send big fat money as charity anonymously. Do it and feel the pleasure! People would forever wonder who sent that hot money and you can cuddle to yourself with a mischievous smile. If not this, be charitable and flaunt it. The important thing is money for the needy. Charity is much needed to save the world’s poor. Since you are a part of the world, you must strive to save it.

EARN MONEY- After all these spiritually inclined talk, you must look at the materialistic side too. Employ your mercantile sensibilities in earning money. Become stinking rich and flaunt to your heart’s content. Enjoying power and comfort is a great pleasure. You need not be ashamed of this guilty pleasure. Dream big and earn big. As they say, “It is your life, make it large.” Don’t forget to pamper yourself. You deserve it!

GO ON T.V.- Today is the time when being featured on television is considered a great deal. Then, why not do that? Attend some big shot movie premiere, go on a talk show or fashion show, talk on a talk show or act in a sitcom. Your popularity would go definitely go up and so would your satisfaction level.

MARVEL AT NATURE- Earth is so beautiful. Nature makes it lively. Meet this nature by sleeping under the stars or visiting an exotic valley or paddling at the sea or just enjoying the morning breeze. Nature can both inflict and heal wounds. Go near it.

PARTY!- We all need parties. Drink whiskey whole day. Get stupidly drunk and forget the world for a while. Forget all shame and normal behavior. Let your conscience sleep for a while. It is not bad. It is an experience to have. Learn a new dance. What about salsa? Flaunt your ideal body and dance steps at the party! Sometimes, just let it go.

By, Shreya Gupta, New Delhi based research associate for CEOWORLD Magazine, with strong attention to detail, organizational skills and capable of working in a fast-paced environment.

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