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Who is still makingmaking money after Michael Jackson Death- Aaron Carter, Janet, Joe, LaToya Jackson…

Michael Jackson tigers, Thriller and Sabu
Michael Jackson tigers, Thriller and Sabu

Aaron Carter, a long-time pal of Michael Jackson’s and younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, made news last week by suggesting Michael Jackson gave him cocaine and alcohol when Carter was only 15.

Janet Jackson did a “virtual duet”- While she performed her part of the single, her older brother’s vocals were played for his section of the song and a video of him was played on screen. .

Joe Jackson signed a contract with French fragrance entrepreneur Franck Rouas earlier this year to launch eau de parfums “Jackson’s Tribute” for men and “Jackson’s Legend” for women. Joe has recently been promoting the Jackson-branded perfumes, Jackson Tribute, Legend and Legacy on behalf of Julian Rouas Paris.

Mohamed al Fayed caught hell earlier this year for putting a statue of Jackson outside his Fulham soccer club’s Craven Cottage stadium. How did he respond? He’s now rolling out a line of merchandise featuring the sculpture.

Jackson’s tigers, Thriller and Sabu – The signature red and black jacket with the “winged” shoulder pads that the “King of Pop” himself used to dance with zombies in his famous “Thriller” Music video will be up for sale later this month as part of a large auction of music memorabilia. The centerpiece item is the “Thriller Jacket” which is expected to sell for $300,000 to $400,000.

Michael Jackson tigers, Thriller and Sabu
Michael Jackson tigers, Thriller and Sabu

LaToya Jackson talk about her new book “Starting Over.” In it, she details how her ex-husband and then manager, Jack Gordon, forced her to accuse her brother, Michael, of maintaining inappropriate relations with children during the 1993 allegations.She insists her pop icon brother was murdered as part of “a conspiracy” and calls Dr. Conrad Murray “the fall guy.”

LaToya Jackson
LaToya Jackson

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