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Whitney Purvis, MTV 16 and Pregnant isn’t heart brken over April Michelle Purvis arrest

It looks like 16 and Pregnant star, Whitney Purvis isn’t heart brken over her mom April Michelle Purvis arrest and she dont want her son to grow up as she did.

Whitney Purvis mother April Michelle Purvis was arrested for possession of marijuana and methamphetamine. The police allege that methamphetamine was also discovered in Purvis’ purse. Victor Lamar Clement of Rome, Georgia was also in the vehicle and has been charged with the same misdemeanor count of marijuana possession.

Authorities say a drug dog found the marijuana between the seats of the car and the meth in Purvis’ pocket.

Whitney Purvis, MTV 16 and Pregnant isn’t heart brken over April Michelle Purvis arrest. Should she be?

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