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How does twitter affects Search Engine Rankings on Google and Bing?

  • It’s most likely the age of your twitter profile and how many followers you have affect how search engines will calculate your profile’s “authority” or recognized experts.
  • Answer comments and interact with your Twitter followers.  A stagnant Twitter account will not help your Google rankings.
  • A lot of retweets can tell the search engine that this is a good, trusted article.
  • Sometime, a link can carry more weight depending on the person who tweeted it first. Google uses it in the “Top Links” section at the real time search and using it in organic search as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to retweet (or repost) something you find especially interesting.  Similar to inbound links, retweets help boost rankings, which means you’re moving up!
  • The more people who share a particular link or post, the more important it becomes in the eyes of the algorithm.
  • Don’t be afraid to retweet (or repost) something you find especially interesting.  Similar to inbound links, retweets help boost rankings, which means you’re moving up!
  • When an influential person (including you) (authority Twitter User) tweets your link, it is a sign to the search engines that it’s good, trusted content.
  • This point gains significance when viewed in light of the previous point. Both Google and Bing denied knowing the identity of individuals, but Bing did confirm that public figures and companies could be identified as authoritative sources.

What makes your Twitter Account an Authority Twitter User

  1. The number of Followers on Twitter
  2. The number of tweets & RTs on Twitter
  3. The authority of the people that follow you
  4. The rate and the source of links that you share
  5. The authority of the people that share your content
  6. The ratio between Followers-Friends

As we recommended in a previous article “How to increase Website traffic with twitter?”, If you’re looking to increase traffic to your websites or even your brands, Twitter is the number one investment to make. Twitter can also serve as a great channel for customer service and help businesses better manage their online reputations in real time. Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, published a very interesting article, where Sullivan pointed out that:

  • Google assigns Twitter accounts a score.  The more authoritative the Tweeter is, the higher their score.  Therefore, if a highly ranked Tweeter links to your site, a trickledown effect will rank your site slightly higher.  The age of your Twitter account and how authoritative you are affects your score, and ultimately your ranking, in the eyes of Google.
  • Retweets also help the search engine understand that the blog or article in question is a trusted source of information, which results in higher rankings.  So, the more people who re-tweet your original link, the higher your site might climb in a Google search index.
  • If an authoritative person – potentially, that means you – tweets your link, Google views it as a trusted source of information.  So get your information out there by posting Tweets!

In a recent video, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web-spam team

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