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Top Best Useful Tips and Tricks to get Traffic From Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is a social networking community in addition to being a bookmarking site. All require you to join StumbleUpon and to make things easy, you should install the StumbleUpon toolbar which you can download at StumbleUpon’s main page. If your Stumble becomes a top pick your profile will be seen by a lot more people.

  • If you are the first to Stumble, you will have a brief form to fill out. It’s quick– just do it.
  • Create Your New valuable and powerful StumbleUpon profile. Create a profile page that represents your brand image including photos or a logo.
  • Don’t lead stumblers to your blog or website main page! Link deep to individual posts or articles.
  • The more reviews you have the higher up in ranking you go, so your Stumbles will have more weighting than a newbie.
  • Become an active stumbler. Review and rate as many sites as you can.
  • Do watch for your friends’ best posts– because other Stumblers will trust you more and your Stumble profile will improve more if you give a thumbs up to good posts.
  • Target your audience. Focus content to their interests.
  • Don’t Stumble your sales page or your landing page. The best pages to stumble are the pages that contain the best content you have.
  • Create longer posts with more links. Every thumbs up you get increases traffic.
  • If anyone links back to you, stumble that post. And be gracious when other people Stumble your pages and content.
  • Stumble your own stuff from time to time.
  • Label and tag your submitted pages appropriately. Broad tagging helps. Go after keywords that are popular and often searched.
  • Read a few posts– use the “stumble” icon on the far left of your Stumble toolbar to scan past the ones you don’t like. Within 5 posts, you’ll probably find one you like. So, give it a thumbs up! You are done.
  • Don’t overwhelm your page with ads or distractions. Don’t ‘hard sell’ StumbleUpon visitors.
  • Always have an “About” page on your site and ensure it augments your StumbleUpon persona – it adds to your credibility. And don’t forget to use StumbleUpon buttons and badges to motivate a thumbs up!
  • Don’t obsess over becoming a ‘power Stumbler’. Content is what matters most.
  • Build relationships on StumbleUpon. Don’t take a narrow, short term view.

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