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How to increase Website traffic with twitter?

Reports suggest that Social networks have taken over email in terms of popularity. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your websites or even your brands, Twitter is the number one investment to make. Twitter can also serve as a great channel for customer service and help businesses better manage their online reputations in real time.

  • Twitter gives you 160 characters in your profile so you can write a brief Bio.
  • Twitter background is a free real estate, it can help to build your small businesses image and highlight your brand.
  • An effective way to get people to follow you is to start following them first. A number of twitterers have their accounts setup to follow all the followers, so when you follow them they will automatically follow you back.
  • Be sincere in your interactions on Twitter, you will slowly gain a following. You should be helpful, useful and friendly member of the twitter community.
  • Link to quality resources and people will surely look at you as an authority on your business niche.
  • The more engaging and enjoyable you are to be around on Twitter itself the more likely those you visit with there will venture over to your website to consume even more of your thoughts and opinions.
  • Twitter Search is a valuable tool for any small business owner who wants to increase traffic. Searching for relevant keyword terms related to your business niche, and finding traffic for your blog, is made much easier with this tool.
  • Find out who the thought leaders and influencers are in your business niche and connect with them on Twitter. Partnerships with people in your industry, can send a tremendous amount of targeted visitors to your Website.
  • Generate interest and strong and positive impression by treating your tweets as your article headline. You should work hard to make each tweet interesting and worth reading to your target audience.
  • Do not try to follow everybody that follows you. Be selective of who you follow and work within your established niche, interests and hobbies.
  • A hashtag is a way to make your tweets clickable and easily searchable. So, let’s say I tweet about Lady Gaga. At the end of my tweet I would add #Gaga.
  • Ask questions. Once you have updated your blog why not cruise on over to Twitter and ask your virtual friends and colleagues what they think about the subject.

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