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Why eBay halts auction for Chris Wilson 1971 RAF Harrier jump jet aircraft?

British seller, Chris Wilson of Bradford in Yorkshire was advertising a decommissioned Harrier jump jet aircraft for £69,999 went missing in action from the site leaving him and 8,000 potential bidders stunned. The outer shell of the rare two-seater T2 Harrier, a former museum exhibit, was restored by Bradford company Jet Art Aviation.

eBay said the item had received 140,000 hits and 80 bids of up to £94,000. A spokesman for the auction site eBay says the Harrier, because it is a military aircraft, violates a strictly enforced policy that includes guns and knives. The auction began last week. Wilson set the minimum price at 69,999 pounds ($112,000), and, with 80 bids received already, the best offer was expected to be more than twice the starting price.

“We have strict policies in regards to the sale of military weaponry, meaning the jet should not have been listed for sale,” the eBay spokesman said.

The website’s five paragraphs of rules on anything connected with the military or weaponry includes prohibitions on items which may be legally sold offline. Its spokesman said the aircraft should not have been put up for sale, adding it’s impossible to check all of the 20 million items on site at any one time, an excuse used in several recent counterfeit goods lawsuits against the company.

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