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Top 10 Social Media Tips for Job-Seekers- I wish I had started sooner

Today’s social media websites, simple web content editing tools, and easily created blogs and personal website applications give job seekers the ability to add content and manage their personal brand and search engine results as never before. Remember that every time you use social media to communicate, you’re developing your personal brand. Think about how you want potential employers and clients to perceive you before you post. popularity of online social networking is changing not only the way people manage their careers but social networking itself. Between facebook, twitter, linkedin and the hundreds of other social media venues, the opportunity to build your network with social media is HUGE.

1) Set up a blog at Write blog posts about what you know. Show potential employers the value you can add to their organizations. Whatever your specialty, write and submit articles on niche topics relating to your industry. If written well, these will build credibility.

2) Open a Twitter account and tweet links to your blog posts to get the word out about what you do. Twitter, particularly twitter search is a powerful tool for the individual looking for employment, project or contract work. Check out this excellent and very detailed article on mashable for more on twitter as a resource for work.

3) Set up a Linkedin account for professional profile, you can link your LinkedIn account to your Twitter. Here you can find a detail step by step guide how to link your LinkedIn account to your Twitter. More important, explore the Groups, Jobs, and Company information sections on LinkedIn, and use the Update feature at least once a week to keep a profile fresh. Today LinkedIn’s year-on-year growth is up nearly 200 percent in the United States and it now has more than 35 million members—many of whom were formerly employed within the hard-hit financial sector.  LinkedIN allows you to build a massive network, and allows you to limited contact with any other user directly through its InMail feature.

4) Facebook, i think you already have if not open it then Share your posts on Facebook. FaceBook is built for better communication within FaceBook. It’s easy to stay in contact with your network without jumping to outside email apps. FaceBook has customizable control to allow (or block) access to your information by group or individual (so you can block all your job search information from people within your company)

5) Recommend others on LinkedIn, CEOWORLD Live and other social networks, and request recommendations in a polite, professional and respectful manner. Many LinkedIn-only job postings require recommendations as criteria for responding. Open a CEOWORLD Live! account it is a fabulous web tool for networking and expanding your contacts base. Job searchers can also use CEOWORLD Live to learn about new opportunities and get the word out about their own services and portfolio.

6) Make connections, but don’t make your connections disregard you. It is easy to search for a company you are interested in and adding all the top executives to your LinkedIn list, but it won’t serve any purpose unless you meaningfully engage with them. If you choose to connect with someone take the time to communicate with your connections and foster that relationship.

7) Be active and contribute meaningfully to online discussions and forums. Provide insight and share your ideas regarding your career interests. Not only might you learn some new ideas and information, but you may just make some new connections or learn of job opportunities in the process.

8) Stay updated and current. Make sure that all your profiles are up to date. Don’t forget to add your current volunteer opportunity or internship in your career field. This information can only enhance your profile and you in the eyes of a potential employer.

9) Build your brand- Answer a question on LinkedIn Q&A. Join a professional online community on whereever possible and become an active part of their forums. Sign up on career-building websites and become a mentor to others.

10) So you’ve got a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook account and Twitter followers. You actively chat with others in your career field and you’re building a reputation as someone who likes to help people in your industry.

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