Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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The smartest boss in the world!

The Smartest Boss Phenomenon may be encountered in too many companies and while it is unexplainable why it exists in the first place, the truth is that it does exist and creates many problems for the company.

The example for this article is the CEO of a medium-size publishing house. The company has very good books for schools, from primary schools to university, but in the last few years the profit is declining and business partners are less and less willing to continue business relationship with company from our story.

As many other companies, this one started as a small family business almost from garage and with time it became a medium-size enterprise with six figures profit. The core business is publishing of books for schools and few other titles here and there. As the business became larger and larger, several problems started to arise.

Firstly, when there was a need for new employees in graphic department, CEO took the duty and contacted all candidates, talked to them and decided which one is to be hired. She studied art but she don’t know what a prepress operator should do and what knowledge and skills he must have. Anyway, she did all the work and hired people. Then there was a need for a few journalists and editors and CEO stepped in. She don’t know what an editor must know and what is his job, but she did all the talking and interviewing and hiring. The same is true for journalists.

When the staff asked for new computers and software, CEO stepped in and contacted sellers and dealers, negotiated all prices and chose what the company will buy and from whom. She don’t have knowledge to say what a certain application is better than other, but she did it. When there was a need for office furniture, CEO stepped in and chose the colour and shape and price and dealer…

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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