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Best Online Payroll Services and Solutions Providers for Business

On Line Payroll Services, Inc. is a member of the American Payroll Association with two members of the staff being certified payroll professionals. Simple conversion and start up, Fast, easy data entry by fax or PC, Informative and easy-to-read reports, Two methods of error-free tax compliance, Personalized service and support.

Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit Payroll can help you put stimulus tax credit dollars into eligible employees’ pockets and be confident your payroll is in ongoing compliance. Easy online payroll with everything you need, Create paychecks online in minutes, Instant checks, direct deposit & W-2s, Free live support from payroll experts.


Run your payroll in 2 minutes or less, Tax management included. And Save Up to 50% versus traditional payroll services. Our easy, 3-step process lets you enter and approve payroll in minutes, or you can use our 1-Click™ Payroll Technology to process payroll in seconds. You simply approve preexisting payroll information, or input new hourly wages, salary wages, commissions, bonuses, vacation time and sick time. If you’re using a time and attendance system, you can import payroll information effortlessly using Time Clock Integration.

Unlike traditional payroll services, SurePayroll offers Payroll Preview where you can verify all employees’ paycheck amounts and the total that will be deducted from your checking account before you complete the process, allowing you to catch any entry errors and ensure you have enough in your account to cover payroll.


Offer simple, customized solutions that fit the way you do business, Empower you and your team, providing peace of mind and convenience through a wide range of choices, options and tools, Make the payroll process easy and all-inclusive so you can control your costs.


Paychex offers smaller businesses the comprehensive services of a national payroll provider, backed by dedicated, local Payroll Specialists. This rare combination helps you easily manage employee information and simplify your entire payroll process from processing to payday.

Gain control over your company’s complex payroll operations, and leave the logistics to Paychex. Our payroll solution for large businesses combines in-house payroll management tools with accurate payroll processing, tax preparation, direct deposit, and other vital services. With support from a local Client Service Representative, you’ll be well-prepared to handle your company’s payroll needs.

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