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It's a good year to be a Jennifer or an Emma in Hollywood, they are among the highest-paid actresses in

Starting an enterprise isn’t difficult. Making it successful is. Now, what is it that makes an entrepreneur successful? Is it

Time. It’s one of the world’s most plentiful commodities, yet one of its scarcest. We all have it, use it,

It's that time of the year again, FORBES magazine has published its list of the richest people on the planet

Unsurprisingly, Thornton, Colorado has been ranked as the safest city in America by, the official website of the National

Agrifood and Foodtech – the subsectors of tech that are changing society Tech is so broad it encompasses a wide range

For most people getting access to easy credit is difficult. Many of us have credit cards and put these forward

Totaling at a whopping $69 million, Jerry Seinfeld is back on top of the highest-earning comedian on the planet in

Every business has ups and downs, and it always requires a basic investment. Business is all about the investment of

We've written at length in the past about how marketing is less about selling to people and more about telling