Should You Find a Technical Co-Founder or Hire an Early Developer Employee?

by 12/06/2016

It seems like every young person nowadays has an idea for that app that’s going to make them fifty million dollars and allow them to never work again. Unfortunately, the most common setback is finding someone to actually build the

Key cybersecurity tips for road warriors

by 12/02/2016

Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix, reveals his top cybersecurity tips and explains how to improve privacy and security of your mobile devices while travelling for business Road warriors have to be vigilant. Besides their normal work, they are

12 Start Up Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

by 12/01/2016

Starting your own business is a huge step, and the effort and hard work can result in a good pay off. However, nothing s certain when you start to go it alone and it can never hurt to be aware

Here Are 9 Simple Ways To Make Your Customers Happy

by 12/01/2016

Customer retention is one of the most underrated aspects of business today. So much of marketing and business strategy is directed towards brand awareness and increasing customer base, that the value of improving relationships with existing customers is dramatically overlooked.

What Factors Play Into Getting a Loan for Your Small Business?

by 11/23/2016

It takes money to make money – you know this better than anyone. But what if you don’t have enough capital to keep your small business moving forward? Well, you can just go out and get a loan, right? Kind

These Are The 12 Major Emerging Technologies In Need Of Better Governance

by 11/14/2016

A newly published study by the World Economic Forum suggests that Robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI) to be the major emerging technology most in need of better governance. The second major emerging technology most in need of governance is biotechnologies,

Outside the box: 3 ways to become a better leader

by 11/09/2016

It’s the focus of nearly every professional development seminar and conference talk – how to be a better leader. But can you really learn these skills without leaving the office or moving past those MBA courses? According to many top

5 Ways to Motivate and Retain Your High-Performance Sales Team

by 11/08/2016

Businesses only grow by making it rain, and you need a team of rainmakers to keep sales from running dry. Take a look at the highest-grossing companies, and you’ll notice that most of them approach sales with that exact mentality.

Why India needs Technological and Financial support from the World?

by 11/04/2016

India has made huge advancements in the past few decades and continues to progress.  The world now recognizes India as one of the fastest growing economies with GDP growth rate of 5-6%. Over a period of time, there has been

ERP and Global Inventory Management: How innovations are helping businesses achieve better efficiency

by 11/03/2016

Global inventory management has become a trending topic in the business applications development space in the recent years. Due to the globalized nature of most businesses today, it has become necessary to address the need to service a wider customer

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