Leadership Without Engagement Does Not Work

by 12/07/2016

If you were able to covertly drop into most companies, you could see executives who have no idea what is happening in their distribution centers, managers who had no idea they were losing customers until it was too late or

Why great leadership isn’t a popularity contest

by 12/01/2016

It isn’t easy being a leader in a world undergoing change that is so rapid and vast that the World Economic Forum titled it the fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, leadership tenure is shrinking.  Research from PWC released this

How Keeping up with the Latest News Could Impact Your Business Performance

by 12/01/2016

As a business owner you have a lot of responsibilities. Simply making sure you stay in the black isn’t enough, you also need to ensure your employees are motivated and that the company is protected against any threats. One of

Is your decision making ruining your change program?

by 11/21/2016

The capability of leaders to make good decisions during times of change is critical. Decisions are taken to make progress.  So if a leader’s decision making is ineffective, the organisation will either stall, make limited progress or head in the

Revealed: Leader, Draw Your Vision

by 11/21/2016

In my new book “Draw to Win,” I draw leadership lessons from John F Kennedy’s “We go to the moon” and Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speeches. I share them as unforgettable examples of the power of

Knowledge Sharing: 4 Tools Fostering Shared Leadership

by 11/17/2016

In a rapidly evolving climate, knowledge sharing is a vital part of leadership. It allows for improved distribution of responsibilities, eases staff transitions, and helps team members at all levels assist clients more effectively. Still, it’s often difficult to get

How Important Is Place Branding For Economic Development?

by 11/09/2016

Place Branding attracts not only tourism but also invite people to bring in their money for investments and offer new opportunities for economic development. Place marketing with its increased FDIs leads to international positioning of a place in terms of

5 ways to work in high gear without burning out

by 11/07/2016

What’s going on? Emails gush into our inbox at an unprecedented pace, restructures require us to cover the jobs of 2 or 3 people at a time, we spend the majority of our day in meetings, and…everyone wants an answer

Follow the Logic: Why Boards Need Communications Expertise

by 11/02/2016

Take this simple test.  True or False: 1. One of the primary roles of a Board of Directors is to advise the CEO. T F 2. One of the primary roles of a CEO is to communicate with multiple stakeholders.

These Are The 20 Most Reliable Car Brands In America For 2017

by 10/27/2016

It’s no surprise that Lexus (Toyota’s luxury brand) was rated as the most reliable car brand in America, according to the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey, 2017. Lexus and Toyota finished one and two in the survey for the

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