Prospects for Foreign Investment in India’s Entertainment and Media Industry

Prospects for Foreign Investment in India’s Entertainment and Media Industry

by 01/17/2017

Media has its own important role in our lives. It has brought nations together through events, happenings and news that take place in different corners of the globe. Media brings along entertainment to lighten educate and refresh our minds. Be


by 01/16/2017

Why Vietnam, India, and the Philippines Should Be On The Radar 2016 had been an interesting year for world markets. With Brexit looming in the UK, President-elect Trump’s surprise win in the USA, the Italian constitutional referendum, the South Korean

Secret To Success: What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur?

by 01/13/2017

The talks about becoming a successful entrepreneur seem to be redundant now. It seems like it’s all talk and nothing practical… right?  But… let me tell you one thing. It is not as redundant as it sounds, my fellows! Entrepreneurship

Business Opportunities In Sports In India

by 12/08/2016

Sports is enjoyed by everyone, participants as well as the spectators! While sports can be a lifestyle for some people, it is a stress buster for a few, leisure for many and entertainment for the enthusiasts. For centuries, the buzz

India’s Top 12 Tech Cities: Digital Indian Cities Survey, 2016

by 12/02/2016

Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai are the best-perceived tech cities in India, according to a survey by the CEOWORLD magazine. Question topics touched on Start-up growth, digital infrastructure, innovation, and livability. Bangalore took the top spot, because people said it

India’s Richest Tech Titans: 8 Wealthiest Indian Tech Billionaires, 2016

by 11/29/2016

Technology is a combination of skill, technique, a method and above all a combination of all of these together. Technology has brought tremendous convenience to our lives by enhancing our abilities and therefore, has become an essential part of our

Best Business Schools In India, 2016

by 11/24/2016

In the early decades, a specialised academic background for running a successful business was not mandatory. But with the emergence of fresh ideas and new competition, the Importance of specialized B schools has increased considerably since the 20th century. Today,

The Changing Scenario for Luxury and Luxury Brands in India

by 11/22/2016

Luxury is magnificent living! It is an experience of comfort, class and pleasure, enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. The lavishness and sophistication that luxury brings is built around aesthetics, high quality, unmatched craftsmanship and a pleasurable user experience. Luxury is

The Success Code: Exploring the Paradigm Shift in Technologies

by 11/14/2016

Innovation when meets technology, miracles happen! Since the advent of internet, there has been an explosion of ‘Eureka’ moments that have created tremendous growth and advancement in every possible area of our lives. Businesses have immensely benefitted from this development

Corporate Social Responsibility In India: Creating Compassionate Business Practices

by 11/11/2016

Businesses have always had a huge impact on our lives, not just economically but socially and ethically as well.  Today, Building conscientious business practices has become a very important aspect towards building a better world together! In today’s times the

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