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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Why do so many people hate their job? And why do others love their job. Quiz your friends and acquaintances. You’ll hear complaints like “long and boring meetings,” “ignore suggestions,” “bitter turf wars being fought out,” and “a blame culture.” Scott Adams, the creator of the

The position of CEO represents the pinnacle of achievement in a business career. CEOs are the figureheads and leaders of their organisation as they shape company culture and play a crucial role in determining the mission of the businesses they serve. So in our capitalist

It’s time to liberate your work meetings. When meetings are a frequent occurrence in your workweek, they often become formulaic. Attendees arrive, mix and mingle for a bit, and then sit down and get to business. Someone is taking meeting minutes, and someone delivers catered

One hundred years ago, the first U.S. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test was created by Psychologist Alfred Binet and Stanford University. In 1990, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was defined as a scientifically testable “intelligence” by Psychology Professors Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer. And in 2003, Cultural