7 Ways to Improve the Employee Relocation Experience

by 11/29/2016

Most corporations have a relocation policy that governs the process of finding housing, moving, and transitioning into the new work environment. The method your firm administers to relocate and resettle your employees is more vital than many managers realize. Unfortunately,

25 Important Things That Graduate Admissions Tests Can’t Effectively Measure

by 11/18/2016

Well, If you’re applying for graduate study in the US, especially a master’s program, you may be required to submit scores from one or more specialized or “standardized” graduate admissions tests. Is intelligence measurable? And if so, how do we

Three things only the c-suite can do to lead a high-performance culture

by 11/16/2016

In simple terms, a high-performance organisation is one that can perform at a very high level in the game it’s playing. The game an organisation is playing is the fulfilment of its mission and the pursuit of its vision. All

20 Books That Warren Buffett Wants You To Read

by 11/09/2016

Want to know what the investor-turned-billionaire-humanitarian Warren Buffett reads? Getting into the mind of Warren Buffett, is “an extremely worthwhile use of time,” according to Bill Gates. Read on to find out why he enjoyed each one, I’d recommend any

Are your employees aware of the UGRs?

by 11/07/2016

In recent years, lots of effort and resources have gone into improving corporate cultures. Partly driven by the employee engagement movement, many HR leaders are recognising that their culture is key to unlocking potential within. While plenty of money and

Top Priorities for a CIO to Meet Digital Demands in B2B Commerce

by 11/01/2016

The role of the CIO in today’s digital age has changed dramatically. When the job title was first created, its main objectives were to keep all systems up and running, to keep insider information from getting out and viruses from

Which are the world’s top 20 most gender-equal countries, 2016?

by 10/26/2016

Interestingly, the leading four most gender-equal countries continue to be Scandinavian: Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden taking the top 4 positions, in that order, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2016, was not exactly a big surprise. Rwanda moved

10 Countries With The Best Business Schools For Entrepreneurs: Spain Tops

by 10/21/2016

Spain has the best business schools for entrepreneurs, according to new research produced by the Financial Times suggests. American business schools came in 3rd place behind Swiss business schools. By comparison, 19% of full-time and executive MBA alumni who studied

The Convergence towards Customer Satisfaction

by 10/21/2016

It isn’t uncommon for the different decision makers within an organization to have their own agenda and their view of the world. A decision maker in marketing and a decision maker in technology both have different business challenges and different

Most Influential Journalists On Twitter That I think Will Be Worth Following

by 10/18/2016

Ever wondered who the most influential journalists on Twitter? Today, I’ve compiled a list to help you discover some of the most influential journalists that i think will be worth following on Twitter, ranked by number of Twitter followers. Our

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