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Accademia Internazionale d’Alta Moda e d’Arte del Costume KOEFIA ( Koefia Academy)

Accademia Internazionale d’Alta Moda e d’Arte del Costume KOEFIA (Koefia Academy) is one of Italian’s most ancient fashion schools, ranked by CEOWORLD magazine among the top 50 fashion schools in the world. The Academy was born in 1951 founded by the countess Toni Alba-Brasini, stage-name Koefia, from a previous high fashion atelier born in 1930.

Over the years Koefia Academy has developed a method based on the construction of the pattern on the mannequin as the French moulage method. Since 1951 the Koefia Academy has prepared students through a three-year long period, strongly oriented towards the practical component of the trade. The course covers several topics: from the designed projects to the creation of a pattern; from the prototype with muslin to the creation with tailored fabrics using tailoring techniques of Haute Couture.

The Koefia student is able to follow the whole creative process starting from a sketch on a sheet of paper. The Academy also pays particular attention to the complementary components
that make an outfit a luxury item: embroidery, knitting, macramé, felt, millinery, and accessories. At the end of the course of studies, the Koefia students will participate in a Fashion show that takes place at the end of the last semester during the ALTAROMA ALTAMODA event. They also participate in numerous other initiatives in Italy and abroad.


Each organization determines rankings differently and methodologies change over time.

Contact Information:

Full address: Via Cola di Rienzo, 203 / 00192 Roma, Italy
Web address:
Telephone: 0039 06 3207774
Fax: 0039 06 3243262

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Accademia Internazionale d’Alta Moda e d’Arte del Costume KOEFIA ( Koefia Academy)

Key Facts

Establish year: 1951
Institutional control: Private institution.
Accreditation/affiliations: International accreditation with EABHES – BA and MA courses.


Faculty and Staff:

Full-time faculty: 10
Adjunct faculty: n/a
Full-time equivalent faculty:20
Teaching assistants: 10
International faculty: 3
Doctoral faculty: n/a
Female faculty: – 26


Education Levels:

Bachelor in Fashion Design
Master in Haute Couture Italian Production



Teaching methods are focused on the research and design of a single garment of Haute Couture or an entire collection. The skills of drawing, anatomy, colouring techniques and digital illustration are complemented by the many skills of pattern making and tailoring by the Academy’s teaching staff, to enhance the final project presented as a thesis and concluded with a fashion show of some of the clothes that have been created.

Every year the Koefia Academy trains 40 designers who find position in several Italian companies or who continue their studies earning a Master’s Degree in Italy or in other International Institutes. Interpreting trends, planning and designing clothes or collections with a pencil or a computer, knowing how to choose fabrics, create garments and present them to the public is what a designer needs to know today to be successful with their audiences and companies within the industry. Internships (not part of the didactic program) are nonetheless envisaged in the placement plan after the final thesis has been defended, and their value is dependent on the time the student spends in the company.


The course offers training in the context of fashion design focused towards the creation of Haute Couture products. The student is guided in the learning of Couture Pattern Making and Tailoring in accordance with his/her natural gifts, increasing knowledge, creativity and craftsmanship.

Two-thirds of the time is devoted to the laboratory, from the design to the creation of garments. The Koefia Academy invites students to participate in national and international competitions and fashion shows, where they can present the garments they have created, from the design to the final tailored garment. The third year is largely devoted to internships in companies and the preparation of the Thesis / Fashion Show during AltaRoma fashion week. Many students who have graduated from the Koefia Academy have found stable positions in famous workshops and leading companies in the sector.


This Master of Professional Studies is dedicated to students graduated in Fashion Design committed to discern the secrets of the Italian Haute Couture clothes and costumes production. Handling creation, 3D paper patternmaking and tailoring, student will act as a stylist able to practicing an exclusive handcrafting methodology. KOEFIA is famous as school-workshop where the craft of high fashion has been preserved since 1930, far from a world of analogous fashion and design school. Italian luxury crafts are reputed as a mix of intangible artistic a technological skill you can have in transfer by KOEFIA, where creation and handcrafting tradition has been preserved.

You will study and practice the Alta Moda interacting with masters who patiently bestow their knowledge upon new generations. The course develops “master apprentice” relations to have retained the quality of the Italian Alta Moda in the world. Laboratory activity is the core of this intensive postgraduate Master course dedicated to all want to know the secrets of the Italian excellence. In July, at the end of the course you will take part in the AltaRoma fashion show. To be admitted is important to have a well thought-out portfolio showing your own style.

Methods of Delivery: Fulltime
Tuition costs: 7000 euro/year BA – 10000 euro/year MA
Number of languages on offer: Italian / Help for English Language

Student Body:

Number of students: 120 BA + 10 MA
Number of female students: 100 BA + 10 MA
Number of international students: 32
Class Sizes: 25/30 students

Noteworthy Alumni:

Camillo Bona / Own brand
Marco Taranto / Fashion Designer Menswear Trussardi
Elisabetta Maffaccini / Fashion Designer Knitwear Armani
Giampaolo Giannotti / Fashion Designer Pierre Cardin
Cristiana Iurescia e Laura Capriotti / Fashion Designer Womenswear Brunello Cucinelli
Claudia Gatti e Luigi Di Lella / Fashion Designer Dsquared
Aska Kozeki / Shoes designer Ferragamo
Marco Simoncini / Shoes designer Gucci
Alessio Spinelli / Free lance shoe designer for Jil Sander
Paolo Cupertino / Fashion Designer Louis Vuitton
Simone Pirani / Fashion Designer Valentino
Antonella Criscione / Embroidery Designer Valentino
Floriana Livrieri / Premiere Valentino

More info:

History of the Academy

Toni Alba Koefia was born in Ravenna on 6th April. During her school years, her interest for fashion increased, and she started practicing in millinery and fashion ateliers. At the age of 16, she projected a new technique that was quite revolutionary in those years: it consisted in not cutting patterns on a plane surface but modeling them directly on the
mannequin, in this way presenting a three-dimensional vision of the paper pattern.
In the thirties/forties of the last century, she became the owner of a maison that produced paper patterns. It was located first in Forlì (Primary Maison of Fashion Patterns) and then in Ravenna. Her patterns were requested by the best fashion ateliers all over Europe. At the beginning of the Second World War, she moved to Florence together with her
husband Count Ugo Brasini.
A few years after the end of the Second World War, she was again in a position to resume her work. She thought it would be useful to find an academy, as she did in 1951 in Rome. The chosen site was Palazzo Menotti, Via Vittoria Colonna 30, Rome, and she named it International Academy of Haute Couture and Art of Costume Koefia. The academy courses covered fashion design and pattern making, with the addition of a course for models: it was a real academy for fashion designers and models. In 1955 Italian and foreign girl students amounted to 400 units who followed the Koefia method. In those years the Academy established important contacts with Haute Couture representatives like Emilio Federico Schuberth who was enrolled as a teacher. The Koefia International Academy of Haute Couture and Art of the Costume was the first in Italy to enjoy the Ministry of Education’s patronage.
The Academy participated in numerous international events like the CONCOURS INTERNATIONAL DES JEUNES CRÉATEURS DE MODE juried by important designers like Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix. The competition used to take place in Paris every year sponsored by Air France under the Chambre Syndacale’s patronage. In the same years the Academy established a cooperation relationship with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles. As a result, the two institutions’ students can now enjoy the possibility of exchanges and specialized courses abroad. The Academy further consolidated its presence in China where its teachers held Haute Couture courses. Since then it has also taken part in the HEMPEL AWARD, an international competition for young fashion designers held during the Beijing Fashion Week.
The Academy starts a series of cooperation ventures with important domestic and foreign institutions.
2000_ Fashion design courses, University of Florence
2007_ Fashion design courses, Rome University, LA SAPIENZA
2009_ Cooperation with Istituto Secoli, Milan
2012_ Cooperation and students exchange with BIFT – Beijing Institute of Fashion & Technology
2014_Accreditation with EABHES for European Bachelor and Master Degree


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