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ESNE (Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y tecnología)

ESNE (Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y tecnología) is a point of reference for university education in the areas of Design, Innovation and Technology. As such, ESNE has been contributing to the enhancement and advancement of the Creative and Digital Industry since its creation..


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Contact Information:

ESNE (Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y tecnología)
C/ Alfonso XIII, 97 Madrid (Spain)
T: 00 34 91 555 25 28
F: 0034 91 555 6336

Social media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, and Linkedin.

Key Facts

Establish year: 2003
Institutional control: Private institution.

National accreditation by ANECA
Pearson Authorized center


Centria University(Findland)
JK University (Mexico)
Universidad Tadeo (Colombia)
TEC Monterrey (Mexico)
University Wolverhampton (UK)
Veritas University (Costa Rica)
Media Design School (Auckland, New Zealand)

Faculty and Staff:

Full-time faculty: 70
Adjunct faculty: n/a
Full-time equivalent faculty: 98
Teaching assistants: 15
International faculty: 3
Doctoral faculty: 58
Female faculty: – 46%


Education Levels:

Short-cycle tertiary education (Certificate Programs)

Methods of Delivery: Fulltime
Tuition costs: 10000 Euros average for bachelor, 7000 for masters
Number of languages on offer: Spanish, English on pipeline

Student Body:

Number of students: 1,100
Number of female students: 495
Number of international students: 44
Class Sizes: 30/35 students

Noteworthy Alumni:

Paloma Suárez. Degree in Fashion graduate, entrepreneur with own firm ‘Paloma Suárez’.
Paloma has been participating in Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week in Madrid and World Fashion Week in Paris. She has been identified as top talent by SamsungEGO among others.
Jaime Kayser. Degree in Fashion graduate. Youth Fashion Designer for ZARA
Ana Méndez. Degree in Fashion graduate. Diseñadora de Moda para Cortefiel.
María de Bedoya. Degree in Interior Design Graduate. Top designer for LOEWE
Laura Álvarez. Degree in Interior Design Graduate. Visual Merchandiser IKEA España
Juan de la Torre, Daniel García, Román J. Baos y Adrián Moreno. Degree in Videogame Production. indie Team Gotham launched a world top selling game called ‘The Guest’

More info:

ESNE (Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y tecnología) has more than 10 years of experience providing specialized university education and is recognized by the Consejería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid.

Our great passion for creativity and for new technologies is embodied in specialized and leading-edge facilities that qualify ESNE for a status that is more than a University Center: we are a TALENT FACTORY.

ESNE is endowed with public recognition by the Comunidad de Madrid with the hallmark of quality “Madrid Excellente” and by the Ministry of Education, which accredits us as an Centro Extranjero Oficial offering education programs based on the British system. In addition, ESNE is recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade as a Research and Development (R&D) oriented center.
When it comes to the private sector, the recognition comes from top companies such as Microsoft, which has given us the privilege of being the only Microsoft Experience Center in Spain. In this way, we become the largest Windows Phone 8 apps developer in the country. ESNE is also the only Spanish university in the Advisory Board of PlayStation First, a Sony Computer Entertainment college program whose mission is to generate talent and incubate innovative projects.

Initiatives are clearly reflected on projects such as the book “Chamartin: Aldea, Villa, Distrito” put forward by the Chamartin district and under the guardianshhip of the town hall of Madrid, where ESNE participated as an expert of the graphic concept.

Equally significant, IFEMA relies on the ESNE Interior area to give a personal touch to the MOMAD environment, the show assigned to organizing the most important fashion events in Europe. Similarly, WildBit, Globomedia y RTVE chose ESNE for the conceptualization, design, and development of “Águila Roja: orígenes”, first tablet and smartphone game based on this successful TV series.

Furthermore, in the area of fashion, the international firm Saga Furs and OEEP (Organización Empresarial Española de Peletería = Spanish Fur Business Organization) have become ESNE strategic partners to boost the sector’s development. In this collaboration, important projects have taken place to substantially boost our students’ career. A case in point is our students’ participation in Cross Design Project, which annually rewards our students with the opportunity to enjoy a week’s stay at its Danish headquarter. Indeed, the success of “our factory” is embodied in the success of our students who, with their efforts, have won numerous awards and managed to start their own business.

The creative talent of designers combined with the strategic vision of big companies have put the Fashion sector in the international limelight.

Aware as we were of its potential and market demand, ESNE – Uni¬versity School of Design, Innova¬tion, and Technology, was the first to offer a University Degree in Fashion Design. By doing so, we established ourselves as a benchmark in the sec¬tor. Students will develop the skills necessary to deliver strong profes¬sional competencies in the different aspects that make up the Fashion industry such as dressmaking, pat¬tern making, scaling, fashion styling, fabrics and materials, marketing and communication. Our approach com¬bines theoretical and practice-based learning as a means of boosting stu¬dents’ creative abilities and artistic sensitivity.

Experts in the Fashion Industry must possess a global understanding of the creative and productive proces¬ses of the industry. For this reason, the Degree in Fashion Design will di-versify in Year 3, giving the student the opportunity to specialize in Com¬munication or Design.

Among the events and renow¬ned international trade fairs, etc. in which our students participate is the MFSHOW (the Madrid Fashion Week Show). This event takes place twice a year and our students take part with their own collections, which makes ESNE the only college to exhibit on the catwalk of an official fashion show.


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